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Wednesday, World Toilet Day…


Yesterday when I posted my new-found word
I did not know how timely was my post.

Yesterday was the first ever
 World Toilet Day.
Who knew?!

Apparently the United Nations has proclaimed
November 19 as the day.

Really if you read the article you will see that this is serious
and in many places not something to laugh about.

I am so very thankful that I live where I do.
Where it is safe to…well…do-do.


Today, I think this has made me feel very blessed
but at the same time sad for those without potties.

20 thoughts on “Wednesday, World Toilet Day…

    1. There are lots of things taken for granted that are really important to our well-being, comfort, and happiness. We are a spoiled people…and I am thankful…I like life here.

  1. Who knew and who thought that one up? I am thankful as well. Can you imagine old age without a seat and you have arthritis and can’t hold yourself up? Let’s celebrate our good luck.

    1. I think the UN thought it up. It seems silly but it is something to think about. I am thinking maybe I have been taking my potty for granted and need to apologize to it.

  2. Well, you’ve alerted me to a very important day, and you’re right…who knew? Wasn’t on the calender…AOL didn’t announce it…there were no white sales to celebrate it’s annual arrival. I think, to commemorate the day, I will give it a wash and set…buff it till it shines and maybe, just maybe if I’m lucky get it to say a few words…:)

    1. I have only been without a couple of time when camping. Camping is not my idea of fun so I don’t do it anymore. I would not make a good traveler.

  3. I am very grateful for this wonderful convenience, too. I am surprised to hear about a special day for the toilet, but I’d hate to be without one for even one day. Blessings to you, Patricia…

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