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Thursday, thankful A to Z…

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Why I am thankful

A.  I don’t have to have all the Answers
B.  Books, Blogs, and Bubble Baths
C.  Chocolate, Cookies, and Coke
D.  Daydreams
E.  there is always Enough
F.  Family, Friends, and Friends who are Family
G.  Generosity
H.  my Home
I.  Instrumental music that relaxes me
J.  Jesus
K.  Kindness
L.  Laughter
M.  my Microwave
N.  Netflix and Naps
O.  that I have lived long enough to be Old and it’s Okay
P.   I have all my Parts…minus a couple of teeth…and most of my Parts work well
Q.  the Quality of life that I have
R.  Resiliency…I always bounce back
S.   Silence that restores me
T.  Technology and Teddy…both can be bothersome and frustrating but overall they add fullness to life
U.  an Uncomplicated life
V.  the View from my balcony that changes with the seasons
W.  Working part-time…for and with people I like
X.  there are no eXtremes in my life
Y.  I survived my Youth and its foolishness
Z.   Z’s with sweet dreams

Today, I think I have a good life and I am thankful.


17 thoughts on “Thursday, thankful A to Z…

  1. This was an awesome list from A to Z! I was nodding my head in agreement all the way. Isn’t it amazing how many blessings we have to count? The list never ends, and I remind myself of that whenever I began to grumble. I think all the things you are thankful for are the recipe for a very good life!

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