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Tuesday, good and bad customer service…


Today I was out and about walking and shopping.
I shopped in three stores.

Two of them had friendly, but not clingy, staff.
They asked if I needed help.
If I did they helped if not they left me alone
but did come back after awhile to see if I was still doing okay.
When I was ready to check out they were right there to help.
Good customer service.  Nice places to shop.

The third place was so different.
No one asked if I needed help.
When I did have a question about the price of an item
I was buying…it rang up different than the sign on the shelf…
I was told what it rings up as is right the sign was probably wrong.
I asked if it could be checked…probably wrong didn’t seem definitive to me…
I was told no the cash register is usually right.
Somehow “probably and usually” doesn’t seem like good customer service.
Bad customer service.  Not a nice place to shop.

I have always had jobs that were sales and customer oriented.
What I learned is that sales are better when the atmosphere is pleasant and friendly.
I also learned that whatever I am feeling or thinking
is not as important as the customer.

Maybe I am leaving ditzy behind and becoming crotchety with old age.

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Today, I think I don’t like crotchety so I probably won’t go back
to the usually unfriendly unhelpful store any time soon.

17 thoughts on “Tuesday, good and bad customer service…

  1. That’s terrible. So either that store doesn’t really care about it’s customers or they don’t care about training their employees. Either way, it’s not someplace I’d want to keep going back to. Where I work – all the places I’ve worked – it’s what the sign says that matters. Basically it’s what you’ve told the customer the price will be, not what happens to pop up in the register. If we forget to take down a sale sign or miss changing a price tag, then that’s on us.

    1. Wherever I have worked and all other places I shop it has always been the price on the shelf/tag is honored. I think the clerk was just too lazy to go look at the sign and I decided to not get the item and leave. I think the store has been around a long time and has been the only one like it in an area that has a lot of seniors that cannot drive and must go where they can walk. However, a new place has opened within walking distance of the senior living apartments so they may need to be more service oriented in the future.

    1. I know what you mean. I am not the best shopper. I do like to wander around the stores but if I am actually shopping I am not Merry Sunshine.

  2. Love places like the first shop. But in the second I also would have said, you know what, I don’t think I need this anymore, thanks very much. Buh-bye! 🙂

  3. I would have left right there at the bad store without buying anything. That’s just me. Too bad that in this economy that customer service is lacking or non-existent at that store. Wonder how long it will survive.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

    1. Well it is a major chain store and has been around for years. I think maybe they have gotten complacent because there are three senior apartment communities in walking distance and many of those people go there for the convenience.

  4. Gosh, in my area, if something is marked with a sign, the store honors that price no matter what the register says. Probably wouldn’t work for me. I probably wouldn’t buy it.

    1. Any other store I have been in has honored the sign. I think the clerk was just lazy or having a really bad day. Whatever! She needed to get a grip.

  5. Oh, dear. I wonder how customers put up with the ‘probably and usually’ store. In the past ten years, it seems customer service has been deteriorating more and more. Sorry to hear of your negative experience. The cat in the picture shows the correct face. What a face!

    1. It was not a good experience but it was out of three. I was given a survey to take from that “bad” store. I went on-line and took it. I was honest but hopefully I didn’t come across nasty..

  6. I like the type of service you mention in the first two shops. The one I really don’t like is the one where you have SA’s hounding if you might shop lift their precious wares!

    1. Those clingy sales folks drive me nuts. But I do know that some employers train and expect their employees to keep on the customer. I think that is a stupid sales technique but nobody asked me before they started pushing it.

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