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Friday, phobias that fascinate me…


Do you know there are people with a fear
of developing a phobia?
Well, there are…they are

It seems there are phobias about everything.

I had a phobia…I probably still have a bit of it.
Sometimes it rears its ugly phobia head and I am a mess.
But I have learned to get past it…most of the time.
It took a lot of work to overcome it or overcome it for the most part anyway.

So, I can understand someone having a phobia even really strange ones like,

Phronemophobia; the fear of thinking.

This would be horrible.
How does one not think?

I wonder how one gets over phronemophobia?
I mean, really, you have to think to work through it.


Today, I think phronemophobia is not one I will worry about…I love to think.

17 thoughts on “Friday, phobias that fascinate me…

  1. They say there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I don’t know, I have a couple of things that really make me uncomfortable: claustrophobia & arachnophobia. *augh*

      1. If it is inside and I don’t make sure it is dead, I get creeped out, like it is surely stalking me. Bill will catch them and take them outside, in nice weather. That’s fine…they belong out there…not inside my house.

  2. Awwwwww…I LOVE that kitty pose…like the Thinking Man…it’s the Thinking Kitty!

    I have a terrible fear of all insects except for flies, mosquitoes and ladybugs 😀

    1. Phobia of any kind isn’t a fun thing. But I found that with help and a lot of hard work they can be, if not completely removed, controlled with determination.

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