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Tuesday, three faces of joy…



These pictures have something in common besides being pictures of cats.

To me they express  three aspects of joy:  elation, contentment, and poignancy.

When things are going our way and everything is good in our world.
We are giddy with joy.
We smile and laugh and feel happy.

 There are times when troubles and difficulties are few and we feel good.
We rest in quiet joy.
Confident and relaxed.

Then there are times when sadness and sorrow come to us.
And still there is joy.
Deep within we know all is well.

Some people do not know joy.
My heart breaks for them.

Two Shoes Tuesday, prompts this week awaken or joy.

26 thoughts on “Tuesday, three faces of joy…

  1. I love this…been having such a hard time and you remind me I have choice. Don’t need to dwell in the darkness, can switch on a lamp…the cats are so sweet. Wishing you and Teddy, and those you love, a very Happy Christmas.

    1. Sometimes I have a poor Patricia pity party then I get tired of my party and, as you say,I switch a light on. I am sorry you are in this struggle. I have visited your blog–just not commented–your writing remains strong so I think you are fighting and all will be well in time Be patient with yourself.. Teddy purrs for you.

    1. Bongo isn’t really bad just mischievous. I am never sure what a cat is up to…but this one looks like he is happy to me…or about to sneeze.

  2. I really like this Patricia, it was an excellent reminder that there are different kinds and measures of joy. I am not an LOL person, in fact I don’t often chuckle, unless Papa Bear does something funny to make me laugh. But I know joy, peace, contentment, an appreciation of humor, and sometimes when something makes me very sad, I still know that life is good and in time all will be ok again. Beautifully done, Patricia, thank you!

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