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Skinny mini no more…

For the first time in my life it has been strongly suggested that I lose weight.
Up until the last couple of years I was a skinny mini.
But no more.  I am not a hippy hippo by any means.
Still, I no longer wear clothes sized in single digits and when I sit my tummy rests on my thighs.
I still have a lap!  Just a smaller one.

So I am being pressured to lose at least ten pounds but twenty would be better.
I do not like this!

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I have eaten less bad empty calorie stuff and more healthy stuff.
Until the holidays.
I had lost seven pounds but I found them and couple extra over the last few weeks.

Now it is back to lean and green healthy foods.
I think exercise would be good but I am a couch potato
or maybe a computer cucumber is more apt.


I have a new scale for weekly weigh ins
and I am working on the exercise thing.
Thinking is a form of work, ya know!


26 thoughts on “Skinny mini no more…

  1. Thinking is a form of work. I like that. I also must lose a few pounds, and losing a few more would be better. The holidays didn’t help me at all. I’ve been so happy the past several months that dieting just didn’t fit in. Now it must. Blessings to you, Patricia…

    1. Hey Carol, I just saw your comment. Sorry to be so late responding. Yes, thinking is my favorite kind of work. I seem to be losing and gaining the same five pounds over and over. I really must exercise! Wonderful that you are happy…it is a good season of life for you. Enjoy!

  2. I finally worked out that it takes lean muscle to build excess fat, so now my aim is to build that muscle. It ain’t easy, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Or so I keep telling myself. 🙂

  3. LOL to “computer cucumber”. That fits me, too. I’ll try juicing soon. My sister tried it for seven days and she lost 9lbs. Mostly water, I guess but it’s a good start. Here’s to losing weight and completing NaBloPoMo this month! Thanks for dropping by my site recently. 🙂

  4. If you want exercise I could take you for walks on my trails. I need to start taking my person for more walks on my trails. She needs the exercise too.

  5. I hear your pain and I know the feeling. Hard to get motivated when it snowing like crazy outside and cold as Alaska. 🙂 Just take one day at a time. At least that’s what works for me. Sometimes. 😀

    1. No snow or Alaska temps here but it has been rainy. I am pretty much a one day at a time person and that day is tomorrow when it comes to exercise. Gotta change that.

  6. My condolences. I am not a fan of exercise either. I go to the lady gym for entertainment and exercise probably getting more of the former than the latter.

    1. No gym for me but I will have to move my behind more than I have been. Laughter is good exercise in my opinion so you get a double dose at the lady gym.

  7. Don’t be pressured into anything, esp.weight loss, unless YOU want to. As we ….hmmm..uh… “gain experience”… yeah that’s it.. our metabolism decreases and weight… well you and I know how that goes. Anyway… do what YOU want and be happy in 2014!

    1. Well, the suggestion came from the doctor so I guess I should heed it. We are taking into consideration I am of a certain age and don’t want to be a bird-like woman. I am happy and plan to stay that way just lighter…I hope. Happy New Year!

  8. I use to be the girl curled up with oreos but now I love running. Try it you might be surprised how addictive it is!

    1. Oh, Oreos! Haven’t had a bag of those in some time. I don’t think running is in my future but I will get back to walking on a regular basis again.

  9. Dance is good exercise . . . and it’s far more fun than going to a sweaty, smelly gym.

    Also, biking and walking, and swimming ~ in short getting a dose of sunshine makes the “medicine” go down more easily.

    Good Luck.

    1. Whatever I do it will be free because gym fees are not in the budget just now. I used to walk 10-15 miles a week but got out of the habit. Why are good habits easy to break and bad ones not?

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