22 thoughts on “Age doesn’t matter…

  1. Ah, yes. Another day, another dollar, or at least fifty cents. Keep on dreaming and your youth will stay knit in your bones. Blessings to you, Patricia…

  2. I do agree. When we let age stand in our way we have an obstacle. Dreams and desires are important to a fulfilled life. I say go for it.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  3. I’m not sure I agree. Age does matter . . . quite a bit. All the more reason to do what we want to do Here and Now. 😛

    1. I agree with you…but I do think we sometimes let age limit our goals and dreams. Part of goals and dreams is to make them a bit of a stretch. But then if all we do is plan and dream and forget the here and now and that is sad.

  4. Thanks for the reminder Patricia. Sometimes this world becomes so heavy we forget that truth. 🙂

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