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When it’s time…

A blogging friend of mine,
Tess at How the Cookie Crumbles ,
is in the process of making her “final” plans.


I have thought about this myself.
I don’t think it is morbid.
I think it is a good thing to do to make it easier
on the people who care for you when the time comes to say the last good-bye.

I am writing letters to friends to receive after I have gone to the great beyond.
Hopefully, they will need to be revised many times!
And I have thought about writing a last post for my blog(s).

There have been blogs I followed that just stopped.
There are no more posts.
I wonder what happened…where are they?
Are they ok, just tired of blogging, to busy to post,
have nothing to say, are they sick, did they die?

Maybe along with my last post my friend,
who will be taking care of the stuff that needs to be done,
can add my obituary.

Does this sound stupid?
Have you thought about doing something like this?
This ditzy inquiring mind wants to know.



24 thoughts on “When it’s time…

  1. I think it’s a good idea to be prepared. And I like your idea of having someone in charge of the blog to post an obituary. Let’s hope it will be years and years from now.

  2. It is a good idea especially if you want things done a certain way. When my friend Nancy died, she had it all written down for her husband down to her ashes sprinkled on Capri, where they spent many happy times. Sounds like a movie.

    Final plans does have a sad tone…there’s no question but, what about Teddy? We need to shake off the awkwardness and carry on so we can truly rest in peace. A thoughtful entry.

    1. Teddy will have a home with a friend who has cats but is always ready for another. I do worry a bit that he would have a hard time adjusting to a multi-cat house. If that’s the case she would find a good home for him as an only cat.

    1. I think it is a good idea. Now all I have to do is get them written and let my friend know what to do. Hmmm, hope I don’t put it off too long.

  3. I think it’s a great idea. I followed a blogger who was an old guy (at least that’s what he projected). He hasn’t posted in over 2 years and I often wonder what happened to him.

    1. There have been a couple of bloggers I followed that have disappeared from sight. There was one blogger who posted that she was stopping blogging and said good-bye. I think that was very thoughtful.

  4. Thank you for the shout out, Patricia. Yes, I have prepared for all the above. Sometimes I feel giddy because this began only a month ago but I am also pleased with myself and sharing with all my friends on the blogosphere and conversing about this had made the mental process easier. šŸ˜‰

    1. Oh, yes that is a priority. I think I have it figured out but my friend already has cats and I am not sure Teddy would adjust. But she is a great cat mama.

  5. I’ve thought about it too. I’ve been thinking a lot about how quickly it can all end. My parents have everything figured out. There’s an emergency envelope my Dad has made for me in the instance that tragedy strikes. In that envelope is the outline step by step of how to deal with his assets. It’s good to have that knowledge. Hopefully, I won’t need that envelope for another 20 years.

    1. It is difficult to think of these things but your father is very wise. Neither one of my parents or my brother had anything in place. It was beyond difficult having to make all the decisions at such a sad time.

  6. I don’t think it sounds stupid – I would definitely want to know what happened to you if you just ever suddenly disappeared. When we went on vacation last year, I gave my sister all my passwords just in case. I would at least want to tell everyone goodbye and thank you one last time.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. Likewise I would miss you and wonder what happened. Will your sister do a last post for you…in 50 years or so…or will you write your own?

      1. Haha, right now she would have to put a note on there. I don’t know what on earth she’d say. Michelle says bye? Don’t expect any more posts, cause she’s dead? I did think of writing a last post and dating it to publish in the future, and I’m sure eventually I’ll do that. But knowing me, I’d forget to update the release date. Can you imagine posting something like that, “If you’re reading this, I’m already dead”, and then having to say, “woops, my bad.”

        But I think it’s a good idea to get your ducks in a row while you still can. Lots of people go before they expect to. What I should do is just write up some notes with passwords and all, and let my family take it from there. So much of what I do, including financially, is online now, so I can imagine what a hassle it would be to “clean up” all that if you didn’t have passwords and such. Shutting down an electronic life is one of the new things we have to consider now.

        1. You are right everything seems to be online these days. You have made me think of some things I need to put in the envelope for my friend. What a mess she will have if I don’t. She is appointed as my personal representative and will have access to everything except my presence in cyberspace unless I fix that. I think I will write the last post on paper and leave instructions on how to post it. No worries then about it being published before time. I wonder if people will comment on a last post? I think I would so I could send condolences to family and friends. It would make me feel better even if no one read it.

          1. That’s a great idea! I think I’ll do the same thing. It’s a wonderful idea you had for writing letters to people as well. It actually is upsetting me a tiny bit just considering that, but it’s a good thing to do.

            I would definitely comment on a last post. Even though the person is gone, I would still feel like I was writing to them. And I agree that it would be a very nice thing for the family to know how much their loved one was cared about.

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