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Get comfy and read something…

With the weather icy cold it’s a great time to
wrap up in an afghan with some hot chocolate, a cat, and a book.

I am currently reading I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb
It is one of those books that it seems not much is happening yet
it is fascinating and I must keep reading.

If you don’t have anything to read just now here are some books
that I read and liked.

eveSilencing Eve by Iris Johansen ****

I have never been disappointed in anything Iris Johansen has written.  There are several books with Eve Duncan as the main character.  In this one Eve has been kidnapped by the father of a dead pedophile and would be terrorist. The question is whether Eve and her kidnapper have been killed in an explosion or did they escape?  It is no spoiler to say of course, they survived.  The twists and turns of the story and the personalities of those trying to find Eve keeps the story moving along.


An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski ***

This is a true story of a New York journalist and the street kid she befriends. This unlikely friendship of Laura and Maurice is heartwarming and sad, encouraging and discouraging.  It made me wonder how a child who lives with neglect and abuse could trust anyone…ever.  Or how he survives and makes a good life for himself.  That is Maurice’s story.  Laura’s story is not so wrenching but she didn’t have the easiest time growing up.  She was successful in her career and had many friends but still felt adrift.  She doesn’t know what made her turn around and offer to take the 11-year-old panhandler to supper…but she did.  Definitely a book worth reading.  It might make you think about your own life a bit more realistically.  Personally, I know I never would have survived a life like Maurice’s.

lowThe Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri ****

This is so well written it took my breath away.  It is lyrical prose.  The story takes place in India and the United States.  About two brothers and a woman.  Politics, revolution, family, tragedy, love.  It’s all here and as beautiful and awful as it can be.  I got the book at the library and thought maybe it would be okay.  Sure shows how wrong I can be about the cover of a book.  Read this book!

ipoThe I.P.O. by Dan Koontz ***

This was a free Amazon e-book.  I downloaded it because it was free and I misread the author’s name and thought it was written by Dean Koontz.  When I realized it was written by Dan not Dean I thought about not reading it. Never heard of Dan and not all that interested from the title and promo blurb.  But what the heck I was all comfy and ready to read so I read.  It was a good story.  James Tyler starts up a company that arranges adoptions of exceptional children.  Children who have the potential to change the world with their intelligence, talents, and gifts. The adoption agency is a corporation, on the stock market, that trades on the future success of the children.  I liked the book it was interesting and thought provoking.

So, that’s it for today.

Happy week-end.

13 thoughts on “Get comfy and read something…

  1. I’ve never read Iris Johansen but will now on your recommendation. I have read The Silent Thread and none of the others. I wonder how is it that foreign writers write so lyrically.

    1. I think you will enjoy Johansen. If you decide to read the Eve Duncan series try to start with the first one as it sets up the others. Though i have read them out of sequence and it’s fine. It seems foreign writers are not afraid to take a few chapters to get into the story where most American/English writers tend to get to the heart in the first few pages. It’s like they are worried that we won’t give them a chance so they dive right in.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. There really isn’t much to do outside, except shovel. Reading is always great, especially when safe and warm inside with my cats and dog!

    1. I remember shoveling. Very happy that it is only a memory now. Snow is pretty to see and for short forays out in it but not for weeks of it.

  3. Getting cozy and reading is a great way to pass the time on “indoor days.” Right now, I’m reading “Diplomatic Baggage” by Brigid Keenan ~ about her adventures living overseas in Ethiopia, Trinidad, Barbados, India, Gambia, and . . .

    It’s been interesting to see all the challenges she faced.

  4. I just finished the All Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg. It was a good read although Flagg’s books have a similar story line. This was about WASP (woman’s air service pilots or something like that) and that was really interesting as was the time — WW II. I have the Book Thief to read next. This weather is sure good for reading.

    1. I have Flagg’s book on my library list. The Book Thief on my Netflix list. Didn’t know it was a book first. Maybe i will read the book after I see the movie.

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