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It snowed…


Well, it snowed.
And everything pretty much stopped.
I know it doesn’t look like much but in the morning the roads were ice.

No school.
Newspaper didn’t get here until around 9:30.
Government offices closed.
Where I work was closed.

If it snows tonight I guess I will be home tomorrow.


Teddy thought it was okay for a few minutes.
Then he came in and didn’t want to go back out.

I am still a Yankee at heart but now I have Southern blood
and I don’t take to the cold at all!
I am done with cold and snow.


16 thoughts on “It snowed…

    1. I grew up just east of Cleveland. We would get the snow a couple of days before Buffalo so I know about snow. I am happy it is mostly memories these days.

    1. I think I sounded more anxious than I actually felt. Really I didn’t feel anxious at all I just prefer the warm weather. I did enjoy my snow day of afghan, soup, hot chocolate, and reading. Teddy really does not like the cold. Today he stuck his head out the door, backed up, and went to bed.

  1. I have lived in snow and cold my whole life. As a kid, there was nothing like playing in the snow, skating or tobogganing, freezing my toes, hands and cheeks. As time goes by, I dislike it more and more. 😀

    1. I grew up in the Ohio Snowbelt and remember some tough winters. As a kid, like you, I found it all quite fun. Maybe we need to be more childlike?

    1. We really have been spared the worst of it. Terrible storms to the east and north of us. We do have the promise of Spring to keep our spirits lifted.

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