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Well, here we are again.
Schools and businesses closed today.


It rained, sleeted, and snowed.
It melted a little then snowed, rained, and sleeted.
What we have now is ice.
Is sleeted a real word?


Thankfully, no power outages in this area.
The rain, snow, and sleet is to continue off and on tonight.
What tomorrow will be like is unknown.
It will be icy in the morning but supposed to warm up a bit
and the ice will begin to melt.
Then the temperatures will drop and all the slush stuff will freeze
and Friday morning will probably be icy but the afternoon temps
should be more seasonal and maybe the ice will go away.
One can hope.

I know the pictures don’t look so bad especially to folks with tons of snow
but all that on the road is ice and that is bad.

Wonder if where I work will be open tomorrow?
Wonder if I will go to work  tomorrow even if the store is open?
Nice to have the option to stay home but I do have work to do.


Teddy refuses to go outside.
Smart cat!


12 thoughts on “Rain,Snow,Sleet,Ice…

  1. We have the storm today. Yuk! I slept in this morning and my cats are getting bored. We may all have to crawl under the covers because there is no TV programming — it’s just storm updates!

    1. I slept a good bit yesterday. Today I was a bit more productive. I am just really thankful we did not lose power. That would have been the pits. I always wonder about tv just going on and on about storms. I think they could just give hourly updates. But then I don’t have a tv so who would listen to me?

    1. Teddy is not a very affectionate cat except when it is cold then he likes to snuggle. This kind of weather shuts this town down. South Carolina is not equipped to handle snow and ice.

    1. The snow is ok but the ice is awful. Melting now but it won’t be completely gone until the week-end. It is nice to warm and cozy at home for sure.

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