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Snow, Ice, Earthquake…

The snow and ice are gone.

Everything is back to normal
although some folks still don’t have power,


and that is not good…they are not especially happy.
I would be very cranky.

So all is well…but…
last night we had an earthquake.



It was  a 4.1 centered about 60 miles from here.
There was a loud noise and the building sort of vibrated.
No damage and no one hurt.


So all is well.

I have experienced
tornadoes, blizzards, a hurricane, ice storms, and now an earthquake.
I am thankful that I survived them all
with just some inconvenience and no bad stuff.

Wonder what will be next?


Images: 1st and 3rd  Google
2nd and 4th mine

11 thoughts on “Snow, Ice, Earthquake…

  1. I was at home when I experienced my first earthquake, but it was really far away and super tiny – enough that you could feel the vibration and my glassware all jangled and clinked. But it was long, and it was kind of a neat experience.

    The third, I was at work, upstairs in the storeroom – all kinds of metal shelving and a metal roof and all. It was a big shaky thing, with stuff jumping off of shelves and the floor felt like it was jumping and the room swaying. After a moment, I thought I don’t want to be in a metal room during an earthquake, so I got out of there. But that was scary! And really it wasn’t that bad at all in terms of shaking. But it feels so bad when you’re in it. I can’t imagine being in a really bad earthquake.

    I’m glad you have electricity and your earthquake was memorable, but not bad! It’s kind of exciting to put those experiences on our list, but good that they weren’t too dangerous – or at least we came out of them ok!

    1. I can’t imagine being in a really bad earthquake either. I would probably die of fright. There was an aftershock on Sunday but I slept through it. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Wonder what the summer will bring?

    1. Oh dear, if it happens I hope they are ET”s friends and not like the ones on Twilight Zone that had a cookbook of recipes using earthlings as ingredients.

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