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A is for Aunt Jeanne…

Ame in plaidThere was a little girl who  
was a very smart little girl right from day one.  

She was born a week later than when the doctor said she would be born
which made her birthday the same day as her Aunt Jeanne’s birthday.

Aunt Jeanne was in her 30’s when her only niece was born.
(Another smart thing is to be an only niece.)
Aunt Jeanne was considered an old maid and lived with Gramma.
So, she spoiled the little girl with chocolates and tea parties,
car rides and showing her off to friends,
and with the most wonderful pj parties at Gramma’s house.

When she went to the little girl’s dance recitals
she sat right up front with the biggest smile on her face.
She took pictures and clapped and did the thumbs up thing.

When Aunt Jeanne met a special man
the first person in the family to meet him was the little girl.
He was so special Aunt Jeanne married him.

The little girl’s Aunt Jeanne was fun and laughed a lot.
She would cry when the little girl cried.
She would listen for as long as it took to hear the whole story.
She was a good tickler.

 Aunt Jeanne was not pretty or slender or fashionable.
She was plump with frizzy hair, a space between her front teeth,
thick glasses, and a high squeaky voice.

But the little girl knew, without a doubt, that  Aunt Jeanne was beautiful.

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27 thoughts on “A is for Aunt Jeanne…

  1. You made me think of my dear Auntie Ida who was just like Aunt Jeanne. She was hard of hearing, like her niece, and talked very loud so you always knew when she was coming. I loved her so. This made me think of her…and I gather you were her little special girl. Nice memory…sweet tale 🙂

    1. It is so important for children to have special people in their lives. Not just parents but another adult that make them feel they matter and are valuable. I am glad you had Auntie Ida.

  2. Hello from another A to Z participant. What a lovely tribute to your aunt. It would be wonderful if every girl had an aunt like that. You were blessed to have such a beautiful person in your life.

  3. It sounds to me like this little girl was really blessed to have such a wonderful aunt in her life, and I suspect she grew up to be pretty wonderful too! 😉

    I’m delighted that you are participating in the A-Z, it’s going to keep us all very busy this month for sure, but it’s so much fun!

    1. She would never have quite the personality of Aunt Jeanne. I have done this challenge for the last 3-4 years. It will keep me on my toes–or at least my fingers busy for sure.

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