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B is for butt…

BThere was a little girl who
sometimes misbehaved.

When she was very bad she would get a swat on her butt  with a wooden spoon.


This would make the little girl very angry.

Once when her mommy swatted her butt
she had a temper tantrum
which resulted in another somewhat harder swat.

The angry little girl went to her bedroom,
pulled her pants down, looked in the mirror at her butt,
and let out a blood-curdling scream,



She ran into the kitchen and, with great indignation,
told her mommy that when her daddy came home
she was telling him what a terrible thing mommy did.

She would tell her daddy that mommy spanked her so hard that she

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18 thoughts on “B is for butt…

  1. Growing up in the generation where a well-aimed swat on the butt was standard disciplinary fare of the day, I still stand by it and often remark when out in public that it might be just what that child who is misbehaving needs. It wasn’t rally to inflict pain, it was get our attention, to make a point, and to redirect our behavior. I readlly admit that my own children were administered a swat or two when they were small, and it worked effectively! This was a delightful little tale about the dreaded wooden spoon, and I think I’m grateful that my mother never thought of using hers that way, though she was might good with the slap of a hand!

    1. I don’t remember really being hurt by the swat…just my pride. I think, once we were at an age that we could be talked to and have some understanding the swats stopped. As you say they were really just to get our attention.

    1. Sadly, probably true. But those swats hurt the pride more than the butt…and were needed for that stubborn little girl to get the message.

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