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D is for dancing…

D4PThere was a little girl who

wanted to be a dancer, a gypsy dancer on Broadway.


She took dance lessons twice a week.

She loved everything about dance.

She loved the music and the classes and the practice
and the recitals and the costumes and the shoes.


Especially the shoes.

But the little girl knew early on that she
probably wasn’t meant for a chorus line on Broadway.

Seemed like she was always a bit ahead of the music.. or a bit behind.
When the other dancers were going left she often went right.
If they went right she turned around.

It was discouraging.
She so loved to dance.

The little girl thought hard and decided
she would be a dancer on Broadway.
But not in the chorus line.

She would be the star!


Everybody knows the chorus line keeps in step with the star.
She would be a leader not a follower.

Problem solved.

Image shoes: morgueFile

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28 thoughts on “D is for dancing…

  1. I loved this story… and it’s message even more. If you aren’t comfortable marching with the band, dance to the beat of your own drum… or lead the chorus line! Isn’t this the stuff that real leaders are made of in life, the ones who dare to step forward and say “follow me?” Wonderful blog posts, it is clear you are enjoying the A-Z and we are enjoying the result!

    1. I am enjoying the challenge but then I am not taking the “challenge” part too seriously. Thank yoou for your encouragement, Josie.

    1. They will if they are encouraged to do their best and be happy being who they are. Grandmothers are especially important in helping to make this happen.

  2. Hi, Patricia. I really enjoyed your post! One of my great grands loves to wear a tutu around her house and dance for anyone who will watch her. She is just now four years old, and delightful. Doesn’t matter to her if she is perfect or not, but she does her best. She is enthusiastic in everything she does. I visit them every Wednesday for an hour and it’s just our time together with their Mama. There are four children in ages from two to almost Six. What fun! Best regards to you. Ruby

  3. You reminded me of one of my great grands, who just turned four. She has a tutu that she wears at home quite often and she loves having anyone watch her “dance”! She makes us smile with her delightful enthusiasm. I go to visit her and her sister and two brothers every Wednesday at their home. It is my way of making sure I enjoy them and they will always remember their “Grandma Young.” What great fun we have! Best regards to you! I am a born southerner, and an extrovert.

      1. I know…but, they are only human. Obviously to become a dance teacher, they followed their own music, too…at least sometimes. You have to to be happy.

        1. I am sure they have their own music, too. I think, we all have to first learn the rules before we break them so that when we do follow our own music it makes sense to us. Not sure if I am making sense here. Sometimes hard to articulate the ethereal musings in my head.

  4. I so wanted to be the dancer when I was growing up! I danced around the living room in my pretend tutu much to my brother’s annoyance. I was able to take a few classes from local teenagers, but never from a “Professional” teacher until college. I would still love to dance . . . if I knew no one would be watching!

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