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E is for escalators and elevators…

E4PThere was a little girl who
loved to go downtown with her Gramma.

They would take the bus from Gramma’s  apartment
to the transit station and get on a train.

The train would take them to the center of the city.
They would have a fine time shopping and having lunch.

The only thing was

Gramma always wanted to take the escalator
to go up and down in the stores.


Gramma didn’t like elevators because
they made her stomach go flip-flop.

They sometimes made the little girl’s stomach flip-flop.
But she still wanted to take the elevator.

Escalators were boring;  just stairs that moved.

Elevators were magical.

The elevator doors open and there is a little room.
You get in the little room and the doors close.
The little room goes up or down…you tell it which way to go.
When the elevator doors open again you are in a different place.


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Image escalator: pixabay
mage elevator: flickr-jayson trevino

17 thoughts on “E is for escalators and elevators…

  1. I remember the first escalator in my town – at Lazarus Department store…it seemed magical to me. I guess elevators were ‘old hat’ and it was a completely new thing. My daughter prefers the elevator too…especially the glass ones! Great post.

      1. we went to Lazarus because it was the first 2 story department store at the mall AND it had a restaurant with a very (we thought) big city menu and served their iced tea and sodas in wine glasses! Of course we always took the escalator to get there!

  2. Escalators were very scary when I was young and elevators very exciting. We didn’t have either in the town where I grew up (they still don’t as far as I know) so only experienced them on the trips to the big city where I now live. I’m still very careful and a bit nervous getting on and off the escalator.

    1. I thought escalators were kinda scary. They were hard to get on …like you said the timing had to be right…and if you didn’t get off at the right time it would pull you under and you would be on the wrong side of the steps.

  3. I used to like the bell that rang when the elevator arrived. The doors opened and a bell rang at every floor. We were easily entertained in those days, weren’t we? Blessings to you, Patricia…

      1. Elevators were indeed magical back then, and they had operators which seemed to me like such an important job! Escalators still bother me, I always feel like I am not quite balanced, but they are certainly preferable to climbing up or down many stairs. Now I ride the elevator nine floors up and down several times each day in the building where I work and I watch the excitement in little children’s eyes! 🙂

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