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F is for flying…

f4pThere was a little girl who

could fly.

She could fly free and high wherever she wanted.


She didn’t fly like Superman.

She would be upright, standing straight and tall.
Well, not all that tall she was a little girl after all.

She would just sort of  lift off the ground and move around.
Sorta like floating.
But she could decide the direction and speed.

It was wonderful!

Then she would wake up
and she couldn’t fly anymore.


Image: calmtwood

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16 thoughts on “F is for flying…

  1. I don’t remember it from childhood, but I once had a dream as an adult where I was flying, I remember exactly how it felt, and it was amazing, and I so wish that I could will myself to dream it once again. I am still not fully convinced that it wasn’t real.

  2. Cute! I didn’t have a dream about flying until I was about 20 and really focused on it to make it happen. What does that say about me? Am I too grounded, too solidly planted on the earth? I was always envious of those people who did dream about flying.

    1. Don’t know what it says about you but it is very rare for adults to dream that the are flying. Flying in your dreams is wonderful.

  3. I wonder what babies dream for real? You may have guessed it perfectly! We make them feel like they are flying as we race around with babe in arms. Blessings to you, Patricia…

    1. Have you flown as an adult? I have only a couple of times since I “grew up”.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I hope you still think so as the little girl’s memories continue on down the alphabet.

      1. I don’t know if I’ve flown in my dreams as an adult . . . but it hasn’t been a recent dream ~ it happened much more often as a kid.

  4. I wish I could fly for real. I’d even like to dream of flying. I’ve always heard that it was a good omen to dream of flying. I don’t recall ever having a flying dream.

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