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G is for My Guy…

g4pThere was a little girl who

had a very special friend, My Guy.

She met him the day she was born.
Her grandfather, Pa, brought him to the hospital to meet her.
It was love from the beginning.


My Guy was more than her friend.
He was her lifeguard.

He was always there for her.
At night he made her feel safe;
he made sure the nightmares didn’t win.
When she was sick he stayed with her.
Even when she threw up on him he didn’t get mad.
He didn’t get mad when she wet the bed either.

When she was sad, angry, or scared he was there.
When she was happy, excited, or silly he was there.
Whether she was good or bad it didn’t matter; he was there for her.

He listened to everything she had to say…without criticism.
He was never too busy.
She was never boring or bothersome to him.
He was never angry with her.
He understood everything, even the biggest mysteries of life.
He never left her alone.

When she had to go away he was there when she came back.
He never betrayed her trust.

The little girl needed My Guy.
There were times he made her life bearable.
That’s part of a teddy bear’s job;
and he did his job very well.
He loved without complicated conditions.

He just loved her; unconditionally and always.

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15 thoughts on “G is for My Guy…

  1. How lucky you were to have such a loyal friend, and I’m delighted that you still have him! Teddy bears can be a wonderful source of comfort and security, I fall in love with them still!

  2. A little girl, even a grown up one, needs a teddy or his equivalent for those – you are the best, no matter what – mood boosters. Thank you for this sweet gift.

    1. I agree. When I was going through an especially stressful time a few years ago I would hug a teddy bear and tell him all my woes just like I did with My Guy. It was a comfort.

  3. Visiting from the A to Z sign up list.

    This story touches me because me daughter has had two teddy bears that have provided the same comfort as My Guy. She is 8, so I think there will be more. I am starting to see her gravitate towards a big bunny she got one Easter with a big bow (she’s very tactile and loves to stroke bows as she is relaxing/going to sleep.) Anyway, thanks for this.

    Best regards,

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