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H is for Hombre…


There was a little girl who

loved hombres.


She wanted to live in the old West
and know hombres like
the Lone Ranger, the Cisco Kid, Wild Bill Hickok.

She even wanted to know the bad hombres like
Jesse James and Billy the Kid.

She had all the gear,
cowboy hat, boots, gun and holster.
All she lacked was a horse.
She wanted one but she was told
the backyard was too small for a horse.

Daddy went to a bar where he had a drinking buddy named,
Wyatt Earp.
That wasn’t his real name but she didn’t know that.
Her daddy would take her to the bar sometimes.

She fell in love with Wyatt Earp.
He wore fancy boots and a cowboy hat.
And he was very handsome…all hombres are good-looking.

 Wyatt Earp would play whatever song she wanted on the jukebox.
And he would buy her beef jerky and Cokes.
They even played Skee-ball.

One night her daddy came home from the bar
and told her Wyatt was killed in a car accident.

The little girl cried for a long time.

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9 thoughts on “H is for Hombre…

    1. I think I remember a lot of this because it seems I was amusement for my family and these stories were told over and over. I was heartbroken when Wyatt died…he made me feel so special.

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