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It, is a bad word…

i4pThere was a little girl who

didn’t like “it”.

Seemed to her that when “it” was an answer
“it” was not what she wanted to hear.

When are we going…?
It will have to wait until later.

Can I…?
It’s not a good time.

Do you think we could…?
It will be too hard.

Can I have…?
It cost too much.

She didn’t understand why “it” was the way “it” was.

“It”  usually ended up being  negative.

“It” always seemed to mean



The little girl did not like
any better than

Except maybe when she asked,
“Can I go camping with my friend?”

The answer to that was
It will be ok, have a good time.

The answer should have been
It isn’t a good idea.

Image: openclipart

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8 thoughts on “It, is a bad word…

  1. Your A-Z posts are so very fun and creative, Patricia – some of your very best! Oh yes, “It” and “no” were something children of previous generations heard quite often, and I think now that maybe we were better off for “it”! 🙂 And of course we want to hear about the camping trip!!

    1. I suppose we learned some lessons earlier and with easier consequences than some children today because we heard no so often. I will put the camping trip on my list of future posts to do.

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