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J is for playing jacks…

j4pThere was a little girl who

liked to play jacks.

Playing jacks was the best.

She could play by herself and have fun,
or she could play with a friend or several friends.

There were different variations of the game,
single, double, or no bounce,
around the world,
onesies, twosies, threesies…
and lots more.

In the summer the game was played outside.
It was hard on your hands though, playing on the porch or sidewalk.

In the winter jacks was played on the kitchen floor.
That was the most fun.

The floor was smooth and clean.
The bounced ball was easy to catch
because the floor was even, no bumps or ruts.
The jacks would slide around kind of crazy
so that was a bit harder but that made the game more fun.

The only bad part about playing jacks in the kitchen
was that sometimes when the game was over
all the jacks didn’t get picked up and put away.
Sometimes one would be missed.

It would hide in a corner or somewhere until
her daddy got up in the morning
and walked into the kitchen with bare feet.

Somehow he would always find that missing jack.
And when he did everybody knew it.

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10 thoughts on “J is for playing jacks…

  1. I played jacks too, but mostly outside, along with marbles. But I had a an even worse transgression when I once was sewing and dropped a box of straight pins and failed, despite my best effort, to pick them all up. My father found one with his foott… and a mighty roar, and my sewing was thus banned to the basement forever more. 🙂 I think jacks would be incredibly painful to step on, as are the legos children play with today!

  2. I love these stories, Patricia. I remember playing in the basement. Haven’t thought about jacks in a long long time. You are like our blog therapist! 🙂

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