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K is for kindergarten…


There was a little girl who

looked forward to the first day of kindergarten.

All summer she heard about what fun school was
and all the wonderful things she would learn and do.

Then the big day was here.
First day of school…ever.


Right from the first day the little girl knew
this was one of those things that adults
don’t tell the whole truth about.
They don’t lie but they make it seem something
other than what it really is.

1)  you have to get up early… really this isn’t a good thing
2) you have to hurry…no lolligagging…but
rushing is not how mornings are meant to be

Then once at school the “not quite the truth” continues

3) you have to sit where the teacher wants you to…even if it isn’t by a window
4) you have to stay in your seat… but sometimes you just need to wander around
5) you have to listen even when the lesson is boring…and it is often boring
6) you can’t talk unless you raise your hand first and
then you can only talk about the “subject”…even if you have something great to say
7) you have to stay until the teacher says you can go,..that is nonsense,
maybe there is something interesting happening in the hall or outside…
you can’t even go to the bathroom without “permission”

And the really horrible thing is

8) you have to go to school whether you want to or not…unless you are sick…
you know sometimes you need a day off just because

And the most horrible terrible awful unbelievable of all
9)  there is, counting kindergarten, at least 13 years of this.

!13 years!

School was okay.
There were fun new things everyday.
And there was so much to learn.
It was exciting!

But still there was that “you have to go to school everyday” rule.


The little girl realized why schools have fences around them.
They are prisons.

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10 thoughts on “K is for kindergarten…

  1. Oh I can relate to the sentiment in this! I loved school for the joy of learning new things, but all those rules and restrictions and teachers who often told my mother that I daydreamed and looked out the windows (longingly I admit), well maybe I was bored and just wanted to get on with it! Perhaps you have hit up on something… maybe school is one of the reasons I so value my freedom and independence today… well, except for that must go to work thing. 😦

  2. Sounds like you have exposed the experience of the majority of students. Maybe even the ones that became stars on the honor rolls or sports enthusiasts and prom queens. There is always that rule stuff that goes against us. Blessings to you, Patricia…

    1. I was a good student…honor roll and all that. But I really did not like the regimentation of school. Maybe Montessori would have been a good idea if it was available back then.

  3. Reminds me of a little boy in the neighborhood (who is now in his fifties and a school teacher). After his third day in school he informed his mother that he had learned enough and didn’t need to go anymore!

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