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N is for night owl…

n4pThere was a little girl who

was a night owl.

She didn’t care about soaring
with the eagles in the morning,
afternoon soaring was fine with her.
But she definitely wanted to hoot
with the owls at night.


This was something of a problem.
Bedtime was eight pm. Period.

So off to bed she would go.
She would play with her teddy, My Guy,
tell stories and sing to him.

Mostly she would think.

She would think about the day she just lived,
about the day tomorrow, and the days after that.
And about when she was grown-up
she would go to bed when she was good and ready.

She would think about people in her life
and people she’d heard or read about that she didn’t know.

She would think about animals and birds,
the sky, weather, water, earth,
how glad she was they had indoor plumbing.

The little girl, also, thought about God.
Who He was and what He did and where He lived.
She wondered how He could hear everybody’s prayers
at the same time and not get them all mixed up.
She thought sometimes He did get mixed up
because some things were just crazy.

She wondered if He knew it was after eleven,
the news was over, the TV turned off,
and everybody was in their beds, asleep.
Everybody was asleep, except her.

Sometimes she would ask Him to please
make morning a little later in the day.

That never happened but she guessed He had to start the day early
being God and with all He had to do.

It was not easy being a little girl who was a night owl
and still had to be an eagle in the morning.

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4 thoughts on “N is for night owl…

  1. I have always been a morning person, but the older I get the more I like staying up late at night… and I regret that every morning when the alarm rings at 6! Both of my children are night owls, and have now chosen nighttime shifts on their jobs, which suits them perfectly!

    1. Even as a night owl I wouldn’t like a night shift. Somehow part of the enchantment of the night is that it has a freedom for me that daytime does not. Working in the night would take that away.

    1. Wasn’t it difficult? It was like I was weird or something…no one could figure out why I stayed awake at night. I am still a night owl. I think it is just how my personal clock is set.

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