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O is for old oil heater

o4pThere was a little girl who

had a favorite place in the winter.

It would be all cold and windy and snowy
and their house did not have central heat.

It would get very cold in the house except
near the oil space heater.


It was the best place to be.

After playing outside she would take off  her boots and snow suit
and go into the living room and sit by the heater.
She would get all comfy cozy and drink hot chocolate and read.

It would be really cold in the bathroom, it was pretty far from the heater;
after a bath the little girl would run into the living room to put her jammies on.
And in the morning she would get dressed there, too.

When they got a furnace and had heat in all the rooms
it was very nice not to be cold but she missed the heater.
Especially when the power went out.
The furnace needed power the heater just needed oil.

The heater was like a best friend;
reliable, there when you needed it, humming and warm,
ready to show the love.
it would heat the soup and hot chocolate.

It really was the best place to be.

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8 thoughts on “O is for old oil heater

  1. Growing up, our house had an furnace that ran on fuel oil stored in a big tank. On cold mornings I loved to stand over the furnace vent in my bedroom floor as I got dressed, the warm air billowing up my flannel nightgown and making me feel toasty! Thank you for bringing back such sweet memories!

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