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Q is for quiet…

q4pThere was a little girl who

was very quiet.

Everyone would comment about how shy and quiet she was.
Really she was more an introvert than shy.
And though she was quiet, it was more that she was observant.

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She watched everything and everyone around her.
She learned that being quiet was a good thing,
though, most people seemed not to think so.

She learned that people seemed to think quiet meant;
docile, manageable, submissive.
But she knew it meant;
insightful, perceptive, ingenious.

What people didn’t know about her was that
she was rebellious.

The little girl was not a wild and crazy kind of rebellious.
Her rebellion was determined and shrewd,
but still reckless and bold.
When she would get a bit older her rebellion would become
more obvious and startling to those around her.

But she was always true to herself.
She was a quiet rebel.

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12 thoughts on “Q is for quiet…

  1. I have heard said before “watch out for the quiet ones”, and I know it is true. Quiet often conceals far more than a bit of shyness… a contemplative mind and a bold spirit that makes it’s presence known when the time is right. I am sure this little girl surprised many, but I think she has turned out quite lovely after all!

  2. Quiet rebel. Is that a paradox? Not exactly, as the little girl became more expressive later on. Very intriguing little girl. Very likable, too. And interesting. Like a flowering plant that blooms and sheds it’s first blossoms and blooms again the next season with more beauty and brilliance than at first. Your story poems are delightfully challenging to a inquisitive mind. Blessings to you, Patricia…

  3. Well, that could be a good thing or a bad thing. Leaders make their own way. Not all leaders are good, though. This could be the beginning of a story, or even a book.

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