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U is for ugly…

u4pThere was a little girl who

was very unhappy about her ugly
undershirts and shoes.


She wore undershirts like her little brother’s.
Sometimes the sleeves would hang below her dress sleeves
and the top would show above the collar.

Her shoes were  ugly old lady shoes.
They were always black or brown.
They made her feet look big and clumsy.

Oh, how she wanted undershirts and shoes like her best friend wore.


Her friend’s undershirts never poked out the sleeves or collars of her dresses.
They were pretty colors and had lace and a little bow or flower on the neckline.

The shoes her friend wore were called Mary Janes and they came in different colors.
And some of them had jewels on them.
They made her feet look small and cute.

No matter what the little girl said or did she had to wear the uglies.
She even cried.
There was no changing the minds of mommy and daddy.

It was sensible…
the undershirts kept her warm,
the shoes would help her feet stay healthy.

The little girl made do.
She pinned pretty things on her ugly undershirts
and rolled up the sleeves.
She glued buttons and stickers on the ugly shoes.

They were still ugly
but they made a statement.
The little girl liked that.

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