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Y is for yummy…

y4pThere was a little girl who

loved chocolate,
especially chocolate frosting,
and sometimes she did un-nice things to have her love.

Like telling her little brother
that the yummiest part of the cupcake was the cake part.


And telling him that she, being a good sister,
would take the top of his cupcake and give him the bottom of hers.

He never questioned that this applied only to
cupcakes frosted with chocolate.

The little girl never felt bad about this.
She knew she wasn’t perfect.

Image: wikimedia

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7 thoughts on “Y is for yummy…

  1. If I wanted a bite of my little sister’s cookie, she would lick it. She knew I’d change my mind and not bite into her cookie after that. When she asked for a bite of mine, I licked it, but she wanted a bite anyway. Ha!

    I always liked frosting, too, but I liked the cake as well.

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