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I’m filling-in the blanks…

Today I am taking part in Hilary’s Blog Hop


She gives four sentences with blanks to fill in.
So, here I go:

  1. I really feel all cozy and snuggly in the early a.m.
  2. I wish the days would always stay warm and breezy.
  3. Home is my favorite place when I am…well, really it is always my favorite place.
  4. If I hear my dentist say I have to come back one more time, I will bite him.

Okay that’s it.
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16 thoughts on “I’m filling-in the blanks…

  1. I am not much for seeing the dentist either and would prefer not to have to see the doctor either however good health is important.

  2. Your answers to the first three questions are me lately. The fourth, made me laugh. I used to go to the dentist and have work done while asleep so there was no next time. Your answer is just what I did in high school. I bit the dentist. He had his finger in my mouth too long while he searched for a tool too long on the cart.
    All of these are believable. 😀

    1. I don’t get to sleep through the dental appointments but I do get happy gas so I’m sorta spacey. Works for me…but I still don’t like going.

      1. I have have either. My six-year-old granddaughter just had a filling on Wednesday. She was happy to go. Hope she doesn’t lose that ‘lovin’ feeling. 😀

  3. #4 laughing so much. if I could go in and they put me to sleep and wake up and have all my dental work done I would be thrilled. I totally freak out about going to the dentist.

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