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What I think about A-to-Z 2014…


I think this year was my fourth doing the A-to-Z Challenge.
The first two years were more of a challenge because I did not have a theme.
From now on there will be a theme!  So much easier.

Having a theme, this year ” There was a little girl who”, gives a focus to what I write.
In the first two years without some starting point or focus I spent a lot of time just trying to come up with something to write about.
I think my posts weren’t as good.

I  did visit a little over 200 blogs on the list but did not read the whole post on many
and only commented on a few.  Posts that were loooong I passed over because of time.
This is not unusual for me…I rarely read any post over 500 words.  There just isn’t enough time.  As for commenting, again the time thing and then sometimes I just didn’t have anything to say.

Of the blogs I read most were very good. I am impressed with bloggers!
Some seemed to have nothing to do with A to Z. Those I simply skipped over.

I did find some blogs I bookmarked and I will go back and visit a while to decide if I will follow.  I do not subscribe to the “I follow you so you follow me rule”. I don’t expect blogs I follow to follow me and those who follow me shouldn’t expect me to follow them.  Once again the time thing…I follow many blogs and there are only so many hours to spend on the computer and still have a life.

I don’t have any suggestions for y’all.
What you are doing you are doing very well.

Thanks to everyone on the A-to-Z Challenge team!  What a lot of work…and that time thing!  I appreciate the work you do for this hop. It is a great way to see blogs I would never see without the list.  It is a challenge and it is a fun challenge!
!Thank you!

In the back of my ditzy mind I am already thinking about 2015.


17 thoughts on “What I think about A-to-Z 2014…

  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge.

    I agree with you about the posts that were too long. I have a habit of writing lengthy posts myself but during April I tried to slim down and I found it a lot easier to read blogs which were more concise.

    1. Thanks. I just do not have time to read long posts. Not saying that’s a good thing because there are some great writers in blogland but it is life as I know it.

  2. I so hear you on the whole follow thing…. On twitter thee was that whole #teamfollowback (or #TFB) – ummm what da……. I follow blogs that I think are of interest and expect (hopefully) that is the reason for folks following me.

    I think we’re in same boat time-wise…. Not enough hours in day for this wife/mom to keep up with everything…. Especially when also trying to keep up w/ various social media sites for a self run volunteer type thing I do sharing fire/EMS Tidbits (but that’s another story, and this comment is too long – LOL)

    1. I just don’t get the follow me cause I follow you thing. But maybe that is how some people get so many followers. I hope that whoever is following me is doing so because they like what the read.

      1. Same here for you (and for me). I like having a lot followers, same as the next guy, but want readers to enjoy. Best of luck in your writing/blogging journey.

  3. Your theme this year ROCKED! You brought that little girl alive and each post was a delight to read. Except for the sad ones. Really enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks, Nancy. It was fun to do. Glad you like the theme. I am already trying to think of something for next year.

  4. Your theme, this year, what I read of it after my vacation, was captivating.
    You are so on the money regarding how many hours there are in a day. I’ve had to cut back reading posts where a blogger writes three or four in a day. The first one gets my attention, the others, I’m sorry but time is at a premium. 🙂

    1. If someone had told me how much time I would end up spending on the computer once I started blogging I wouldn’t have believed them. I am trying to get a schedule and stick to it. Easier said than done.

      I am glad you liked the A to Z posts. Captivating, thank you.

  5. I really loved the “there was a little girl who” theme you did this year. Great advice about having a theme !

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