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Just text me…

There was a time when I enjoyed talking on the phone.
Now…not so much.

Now, I am all about texting.

It is short, to the point, and no need to be polite
when I’m done with the conversation and the other person is not.

I know that sounds terrible but really think about it;
your friend calls to tell you she will meet you at wherever
in 20 minutes then proceeds to talk about whatever for 20 minutes.
Really?  You are meeting in 20 minutes.  What’s so important it can’t wait?

Of course, there is the little matter that my hearing is not any younger than I am
and phone talk is sometimes just a pain to decipher.
I do make an extra effort for those people I rarely see.
Those peeps I love to talk to on the phone.  It is a joy to hear their voices.
Otherwise, it’s texting all the way.

Happily, my new smartphone corrects my spelling.
My mind is a pretty good speller but my fingers are not
so the spell fix thing is great.
Although, some pretty funny typos do slip through.

Still, text messaging it is for this old(er) ditzy dame.

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

29 thoughts on “Just text me…

  1. I love texting too…because of my hearing it’s a life saver…I love Teddy’s new picture by the way. He just get’s more handsome. Love that gray…slate with a hint of blue.

    1. Texting is helpful to me because I have a hard time hearing if i can’t see the person talking…everything gets garbled. It’s an old person thing I am told.

  2. you cant be that ditzy if you know how to text regularly…I like texting when I need a quick contact but find it a bit annoying…

    1. I would rather text…If I don’t recognize a phone caller I don’t answer. If they don’t leave a voice mail I don’t call back and if they do I usually text back.

  3. I don’t text. I also don’t have a smart phone. My little, basic cell phone is usually turned off. I guess I’m behind the times, but I’m happy!

    1. You are probably less stressed than the rest of us. I don’t have my phone with me all the time but when I don’t sometimes I feel naked.

  4. I’m with you! Every now and then I’m in the mood for a good phone ramble, but not very often. Or if whatever we’re talking about is too complicated to type out. But the odd thing about texting is I want to put exclamation points on everything because the short, to the point sentences (or phrases) almost read rude sometimes. But that may be because I text for work so much, and I’m thinking I could be taken wrong.

    1. I tend to want to put emoticons in every few words. It is hard to know if the one receiving the text gets the spirit of the message. I don’t text for work but wish I could telephoning takes up so much time. Thankfully most have email now.

  5. A great post. However I have issues with the spell checker who hates me using obtuse (correct) words and will suggest an inappropriate alternative. It assumes it is right and if I don’t check soon enough it is changed and I need to re-read the whole message to correct it!

    1. The spell check thing does have some strange ways but I like that it has gotten used to what I text. It now anticipates some of what I write and I don’t have to write the whole word. But I do have to be careful to read before I send.

  6. This is totally me too! My free time is so limited and I grow impatient with callers who steal my evening as they jabber away. Texting works great, you can do it at your convenience. My chubby fingers text funny things too, but voice text is even funnier. It clearly does not comprehend my mumbles and Midwestern accent, but it makes laugh trying! I love leaving little love notes for my kids and friends too. It can be a daybrightener to wake up to or find when you’re finally leaving work, since it means someone was thinking of you1 Who would ever have thought that us “oldies” would grow so attached to these “new-fangled” ways?! 🙂 Thanks for a great post for Two Shoes Tuesday, Patricia!!

    1. Some of these newfangled ways are lots easier on us oldies!
      I haven’t used the voice thing but I have a friend that does and sometimes I have to text her and ask her what she said.

  7. I’m all for keeping phone calls to a manageable length and number . . . but I don’t text. E-mail is my favorite way to communicate.

    1. I don’t email much. Just to a couple of friends who are far away. I think because I am on the phone a lot at work it makes me more impatient when I have to deal with calls at home.

  8. I have to agree with you, Patricia. Texting is often easier, unless you don’t see the person often. Bill and I talk and text. It is nice to have the option of either. Technology can be a blessing…when it isn’t a curse.

  9. I prefer texting to talking on the phone, too.
    Some of my friends won’t stop talking on the phone for more than an hour, and I definitely prefer texting them.

    Have a wonderful day, Patricia.

  10. I know what you mean about the phone. I used my speaker all the time now but regardless, can’t stand talking for long. I have a new phone but haven’t had a need to text yet. This modern world does have some wonderful advantages. I simply must find a use for them.

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