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Pondering the watch…

Today I am taking part in a blog hop that
Brenda at BYG Adventures hosts.
In this hop she asks us to


This week we are to ponder the word watch.
So, here I go a pondering.


I have thought about this before so it isn’t a new pondering.
Why are watches called watches?
Shouldn’t they be called little clocks?  Or portable clocks?

When I went to Wikipedia to find out about watches I learned they are “watches”:
1) from an Old English word “woecce” that means watchman.
2) sailors called them watches because they used them to
keep track of the time of their “watches”.

Okay, I guess those explanations make some sense.

But why are pocket watches called pocket watches?
Why aren’t they pocket clocks?
And why are wrist watches called wrist watches?
Seems to me they should be called wrist clocks.

Now that wrist watches can do everything imaginable I think they should be called
wrist computers.

So there is my pondering for today.

Wander on over and see what is being pondered.
Wander on over and see what is being pondered.

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19 thoughts on “Pondering the watch…

  1. LOL… Patricia this is a great post.
    I agree, they should be called mini computers or wrist computers… they do so much more than tell time

    Thanks for pondering with me!

    1. I enjoyed the pondering. I am a daydreamer big time and I think that brings on a ponder now and then. Thanks for the ponder prompts.

    1. Thanks, Tess. It is interesting that we are so obsessed with time…we can’t slow it down, hurry it up, rewind it, or get more of it in a day

  2. watching your watch! ha – perfect summation of the english language right there.
    I always wondered too why we called them watches – and not clocks. because they still are technically clocks. I love how these prompts make you think.

    1. Language is something of a mystery. It is no wonder life, at times, can be confusing, contradictory, and confrontational.

  3. I agree that it might make more sense to call them clocks. Watching your watch seems a bit confusing! But that’s not the only misnamed thing in my possession, Papa Bear pointed out one day that my iPhone should be named my “texting-Facebooking-blogging” device… and he would be correct, I seldom use it for making phone calls! 🙂

    1. I rarely use my phone to make a call but like you I text and check blogs and keep grocery lists and notes on it. And I take pictures with it…better pictures than with my camera.

  4. Hmm. Well. I think you were onto something with it being called a watch because they used it on their watch. Then maybe it just stuck. I’m glad it’s called a watch. It’s always been a watch. What else could it be after it was once a watch? Blessings, Patricia.

  5. I was an officer in ROTC. I had to schedule all of the watches. I relied on my watch to watch the watches, and whoever was on watch. Maybe all clocks should be called watches, since we all tend to watch them.

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