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I am surprised…

This weeks Follow Friday Fill-In

  1. I am not much concerned with fashion.  As long as I don’t look foolish or frumpy I am okay.
  2. Once I wanted to weigh 120 pounds now I want to weigh 120 pounds but from the other side of the scale.
  3. There is a fine line between being confident and being a bore.
  4. Did you ever dream you couldn’t sleep and then woke to the alarm and felt you hadn’t slept?


And the Small Things I Celebrate this week

This week was an easy work week.  Not a lot of “extra” stuff and no problems.  I rarely have a “bad” day at work.  My boss is easy to work for…he has his moment but don’t we all.  My co-workers are just that co-workers no one is better than anyone else and everyone helps where and when needed.

And surprise, surprise, surprise!  I have had two nights of  seven hours of un-interrupted sleep.  Amazing what that feels like.


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14 thoughts on “I am surprised…

  1. #3 – most definitely! The most boring are usually the ones who think they are the most interesting people in the world and that everyone is fascinated by them!

    A job you like and a good night’s sleep, those are two really big things in my opinion, real blessings, and I note how one helps the other… a good sleep makes for a better work day, a good work day makes for better sleep! 🙂

    1. I am happy to say there but a few bores in my world these days. With age comes the ability to weed out what is a waste of time. Fortunately, I work part-time and can take naps. If not for that I would definitely be a big B.

      1. I don’t know why. I don’t sleep as soundly as I did as a teenager. Those were the really good sleeping years. Now I wake up too many times (most to go to the potty). Sometimes I don’t get back to sleep.

  2. Oh dear. Only two nights with seven hours of sleep? Wish I could send you whatever it is that lets me sleep like a baby. Every night. I have a sister who has never been able to sleep. Hope you have another seven hours of sleep tonight. :/

    1. This insomnia thing is relatively new. I used to go to sleep and stay asleep with no problem. Not sure what’s up but I am ready for normal sleep patterns to return.

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