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Friday stuff…

Here are 3 statements and a question
for Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun

I am trying hard to learn how to not complain and whine.
Gossip makes me think that we are not as nice as we think we are.
When you try too hard you will always be disappointed.
Can you really sleep like a baby when you are an adult?

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And celebrating the small things

I love to see flowers in bloom on my balcony.
Usually by this time I have done my planting and enjoying the colorful blooms.
But for some reason I didn’t get any plants until today.
My balcony has looked so forlorn and lonely.
It has made me sort of sad seeing the empty pots and planters.
I am so looking forward to tomorrow;Β digging in the dirt.
There is something soul-satisfying about getting your hands in the soil
and seeing the fruits of your labor looking bright and beautiful.
I am celebrating the nurture of nature.

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19 thoughts on “Friday stuff…

    1. You can visit anytime but the digging is all done…and Teddy will tell you I don’t take too kindly to having my efforts dug up.

  1. I completely understand about empty flower pots! I have my garden doing very well, but my deck and area usually has several potted plants too. But I have not done anything with them and they do look so forlorn! But we are going on holidays next week and I figured no one would be here to water them – so I might as well wait. But…. it’s so lonely looking 😦

    Gossip can be quite vicious for sure. I don’t have a problem with 2 people discussing something/someone over coffee and keeping that conversation private —- but very rarely can 2 people BOTH do that. And that’s when the trouble starts.

    1. I wouldn’t plant if I was leaving for a bit. The empty pots will be waiting for you when you get back.

      We people types really are not very good a t secrets…the keeping of them. Better to just not be a part of it.

      Have a fun and relaxing holiday.

    1. I did smile…until I dropped a chair on my toe. It is now very black and blue and red…the toe not the chair. But the flowers look great and that does make me smile

    1. The plants look pretty good. Hopefully the heat won’t do them in like it did last year. What bliss to sleep like a baby…not that I know this myself.

    1. This seems to be a big problem for many. I wonder why? If I knew I would be very happy since I have been battling insomnia for a while.

  2. I’m lucky. I’m way past an adult but feel like a toddled, but still sleep like a baby.
    Hope everyone else does too.
    Maybe you’ll post pictures of the potted flowers on your balcony sometime?

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