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June reading was pretty good…


It’s the last Monday of June and here is a list of books I read this month.


I liked this…but I haven’t read a book by Anna Quindlen that I haven’t liked.
I did want to make the main character, Rebecca, get a move on;
took her forever to figure things out.


This was very good.  Some good twists and turns and surprises.
Big bad secrets hidden for years by the “upper crust” and an important family.
It is one of those books that I almost figured out but not quite.


Amy was raised by her crazy shoplifting grandmother
and sometimes by her small-time crook father.
She never knew her mother and is now determined to find out about her.
Susan Isaacs has a way with witty dialog but this time around it was a bit much.
I liked the book but it wasn’t a page turner.


I always like Alice Hoffman books and I was not disappointed with this one.
It’s a love story that was weird, sad, strange, yet uplifting.
The Museum is a side-show of human oddities in the early 1900’s.
The owner’s daughter is used and abused
but she learns about love watching the “oddities”.
She meets a photographer and experiences love for the first time.
Well worth reading.


You must read this…but it is dark.
I read it in one day.  Could not put it down!
One morning, 25 years ago when Libby Day was seven,
her mother and sisters were murdered.
Her brother goes to prison for the murder partly because of her testimony.
Now she is questioning what she may or may not have seen that morning.
I never saw the end coming!
I had no idea what really happened until the last few pages of the book.
If you like mystery with weirdness read this but be warned it is ugly.


This was another very good book. It is volume four of the Clifton Chronicles.
I didn’t read the first three but this book does stand on its own.
This takes place in the 60’s and the Clifton-Barrington family is hard pressed
to keep from losing the ship building business that has been around for generations.
The characters are well drawn and I got to really liking the family
and really not liking their enemy.There is a fifth volume due out next year…
this fourth one was a cliff-hanger…I will have to read number five.
I may read the first three…or not.


On a completely different note…
this book was sent to me to review which I am going to do this week .
It is one woman’s story of reconciling belief and doubt in her search for God.


Right now I am reading I Can See Clearly Now by Dr.Wayne W. Dyer.
I am only about a quarter of the way through so the jury is still out.

Hit the books to see what others are reading.

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19 thoughts on “June reading was pretty good…

    1. If you look under the header there is a page “Just Between You & Me” you can contact me there. I look forward to hearing from you.

  1. Quindlen and Hoffman are perennial favorites of mine but haven’t read either of these yet. I like Dr. Dwyer, and was curious about this book, not sure if I would pick it up. I read Snow White Must Die by Nele Neuhaus and enjoyed it, so maybe I will also read this next one.
    Have a great week and enjoy reading.

    1. Don’t you love it when you read a “new” author and it is a happy surprise? I will definitely read more of Neuhaus. Not sure about the Dyer book. He seems to be a bit of an egotist…I will try to keep an open mind.

  2. Like everyone else in the world, I read Gone Girl but I haven’t read Dark Places yet. I’m glad you found it so compelling!

    1. I read lots of books other people don’t like. You might like it. But like you said there are so many books. If you start it and don’t like it toss it. Once when I told a librarian that I had a hard time finishing a book I was returning she said, “Silly, look around you. There are too many books to fall in love with to struggle with one you don’t like.” I now give a book a chance but if after a third of the way through if I am not at least liking it away it goes. If I got it to review I am stuck and I finish it…

      1. There have been only a few books I didn’t like but struggled to read to the end hoping for something to grab me. I don’t anymore.
        I like that librarian. Too bad my mother didn’t give me that kind of choice when we sat down to dinner. 😀

    1. Let me know what you think of it when/if you read it. One thing to remember; it does have some satanic undertones…like I said it is dark.

  3. Wish I could read as many as you do. Every time I open a book, I either fall asleep or my eyes tire out. I typically read a book a month or more likely 2 in a row than take a few weeks off. These look like good ones to put on my list. Thanks.

    1. I read a lot because I don’t have a TV…or a life so I have lots of time…although the computer gets in the way. I have been having some issues with my eyes so I read more slowly. Gettin’ old has it’s down sides..

  4. Interesting assortment of books. These are all new to me. I’m glad that you enjoyed most of them. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    1. I like all sorts of books and tend to find an author I like and go on a binge with their books. Reading is my favorite hobby. Now I am off to see you.

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