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Inside my frame of mind…

When I was young the picture people saw of me was one of fun and eagerness;
projecting the energy of delightful enjoyment of life.


But on the inside I fought a war of ennui and melancholy;
battling the apathy of detachment from everyone and everything.

I have won the war.
The inside and outside are more in tune.
There are no longer great soaring highs or deep bottomless lows.

There are the occasional skirmishes,
times of melancholy and the wish to disengage but they are rare.

If someone were to paint a picture of me today,
it would have mostly soft quiet hues with some strokes of bold color.
Still, overall, there would be a subtle wash of blue.


I am who I am.
I have found a gentle determined peace within.

This post is in response to
Two Shoes Tuesday prompt, inside
The Daily Post prompt, Frame of Mind

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21 thoughts on “Inside my frame of mind…

  1. We all look out but it is an art to look in as well and see yourself. I loved that the today picture was not confined by the frame.

    1. Thank you. I don’t think I realized the symbolism of the frames…but now that you mention it it is true I am not confined by the frame anymore.

  2. You’ve managed to paint the perfect word picture of your inside and your frame, which are perfectly clear to me. I like your style. Perfect. I believe this is exactly how it is as we mature.

  3. I like the color combination you use to represent yourself in the present. There is only one of you. Celebrate who you are. Blessings to you, Patricia…

  4. A beautiful reflection, Patricia! I know a lot of “jelly beans” people, but I have to say that I really enjoy the soft pastel wash of colors much better, it is peaceful and yet light… it makes me smile! When I was younger my inside picture was hurt and angry, on the outside people saw me as prideful and aloof, but that really wasn’t me at all, they misinterpreted what they saw. I think it may be true that as we get older our inner picture and our outer one comes together nicely, at least to harmonize and give us an overall feeling of peace. I have far fewer highs and lows these days too, I have learned that it feels much better to stay centered in faith and hope, and then to wait quietly for the emotional storms to pass. I think from what you share here that your outside picture has turned out quite beautiful, and I love that splash of deep blue that signifies thought and intensity. I am thinking Teddy would agree that your picture is just right! I am glad you have reached a place of peace too, it is so much nicer!

    1. Thank you, Josie, for your kind thoughts. Even with the new aches and a few pains I am finding “old age” to more to my liking than my somewhat misspent youth. Took a while to find “me” and what I found I am happy with.

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