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The will and won’t of leave…

I am Pondering the word leave with Brenda at BYG Adventures


I will  leave home  after making sure Teddy has a full bowl of food
so he won’t eat the leaves of my houseplants.

I will always clear off my desk before leaving work
so I won’t leave anything important undone.

I will always ask for a leave from work
so I won’t be absent without leave.

My retirement plan:
I will leave this life once I have spent every penny I have
and I won’t leave anything for anyone to inherit.


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15 thoughts on “The will and won’t of leave…

  1. What an adorable kitty! Your ode to”leave” was great. Have a good weekend! 🙂

    1. I think people with children have already spent a fortune raising them and helping them whenever they need it that the kids shouldn’t expect anything but some keepsakes and happy memories. Anything more seems a bit greedy.

  2. I agree with you all the way…. well, I will leave a little inheritance money for my children, God willing, but like you we focus on enjoying what we can now – we work for it, and we’ve earned it. So have you…ENJOY!

    1. Maybe if I had kids I would rethink this…or not. I have a friend that tells her mother to spend every penny so she and her siblings will have nothing to fight over.

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