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Friday stuff…

Okay. Here is this weeks Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun

  1. People who are nasty and unkind makes me  feel violent inside…sorta like really bad acid reflux.
  2. I love a lazy afternoon of reading.
  3. When I am stressed I have a bubble bath and go to bed.
  4. My favorite smell in the world is hmm, I don’t have an answer for this…I don’t think I have a  favorite smell in the world.
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Click on the badge to see what others Fill-In.

This week the small thing I am celebrating is that it is Friday.
This work week was a bear.
It wasn’t any different than most weeks but I was different.
I was a short-tempered, unkind, complaining, not nice witch.

Everything and everyone bothered me.  I was even bothered by myself!
I will spend the weekend with some quiet time with you know Who
and get myself back to being my usual easy-going  pleasant self.


Besides celebrating that it is Friday and this work week is over
I am thankful for and celebrate my employers and co-workers.
They put up with this weeks moodiness without a word or rolled eyes…
at least not that I heard or saw.
And I am thankful for the weekend to recover from my moodiness
and that there is a new week ahead.

Cat Image 1: wikimedia
at Image 2: wikimedia

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30 thoughts on “Friday stuff…

  1. Wow. I feel like that a lot of times. 🙂 Some days are such a struggle for me, but I keep moving forward because I know that better times are coming for sure! 🙂 I loved the line about you being bothered by even yourself! God, that’s so me! Hahaha! I’m glad you signed up for Celebrate the Small Things blog hop, otherwise I wouldn’t have found ya! Have a great night. Eva

    1. Welcome! Great to have you visit…and follow thank you. Yeah, there are day I can’t stand myself. But I straighten up and fly right as my mother would tell me to do.

  2. You always find the best cat pictures. Love these.
    A fragrant bubble bath sounds like just the ticket. Go for it and sleep well, rest all weekend and Monday will be a new and wonderful week. ❤

  3. Everything and everyone bothered me. I was even bothered by myself!

    I love this line…exactly my sentiments. The only thing that soothes me is seeing Carmela the basset hound. Furkids, as you say, are the best antidote. One good tug at those ears and I feel hopeful again.

    Love the two cat pictures…ying and yang to be sure….hope you have a peaceful, restorative weekend.

    1. Friday was the pits…but today, so far so good. Expect to be fully recovered by tomorrow. If not I may have to slap myself.

        1. I had a cranky weekend…entirely my fault. I just didn’t let go of the frustrations of the week. Stoopid! Things are better…

  4. Here’s praying that you’re like the second cat next week. Wait a minute? Cat? Maybe you should be a friendly dog instead.

    1. I would love to have a friendly dog along with my catkid, Teddy. But I don’t have a yard and I don’t think I would be a good dog mama having to take a dog out on a leash when the weather is bad or I am all cozy in bed and stuff. Do you know a dog that would use a litter box? And thank you for the prayers!

  5. A bubble bath and then bed is a very good way to deal with stress I think. Some weeks life is hard and we are not on our best behavior. I start everyday with the intention of walking in the Light, often by noon I am casting shadows and by 5 PM I am grumbling and glowering. I think that is why I cherish Saturdays and home so much, time for me to release all that and get back to being me. I am sorry you had a bad week, but we see the inner workings of your heart and mind here and I have no doubt you will be back to feeling better by Monday. We also both know that our furkids are wonderful sources of comfort and stress release. Teddy to the rescue!

    1. Josie, you are such an encourager! Thank you. If my mood and behavior isn’t better Monday I may have to lock myself in a closet.

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