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Pages and love…

This weeks Five Sentence Fiction prompt is,


The early morning meeting with the specialist had been difficult leaving her depressed and cold with despair.  At home  now, sitting in her chair she dried her eyes and picked up the book she had started reading last  night.  Books were the one thing that never hurt her, never left her feeling empty and lonely.  She found such pleasure, almost a sensual pleasure in a book; seeing it waiting there to be picked up, the holding of it, the feel and smell of the paper, hearing the whisper of the turning pages, the  words carrying her away from her troubled life.  She will spend all of her time in the company of  her love now and will remember the pleasure and beauty of it later, when the disease finishes its evil work and leaves her without sight.

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27 thoughts on “Pages and love…

  1. This was very well done, Patricia, and the somber tone fits perfectly. The story hits close to home for me, as I have a niece facing this very real possibility. All prayers for her are appreciated.

  2. Certainly a lesson about not taking things for granted. And a much different idea from the prompt than I’ve read elsewhere. Very good!

    1. Thank you. We do take a lot for granted. I haven’t had a chance to read the others yet…it is always interesting to read the different ideas and styles.

  3. My Mom-in-law has Macular Degeneration and I know she feels your words. She listens to audio books now. I am not a writer but I am a reader and I didn’t want this to end.

    1. Sad what your Mon-in-law faces. I fall asleep when I listen to books. I think I would try to learn braille…but then maybe not.

  4. Ok. That was really, really good. Tell me again why you’re not writing for a living?
    Pure genius!

          1. Oh dear. Just had my eyes checked last week. Optometrist told me a year ago and again this time cataracts are in my future. To lessen the blow, he added it’s something we all have to look forward to. Really?

            1. It is something that is fairly common to those of us of a certain age. Good to know it can be treated…once they are “ripe”.

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