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Perfect dawn…

sunrise in flagstaff2

I love to see a new day dawn.
Whatever went before is done and now is a new beginning.

Of course, given the fact I usually go to sleep in the early morning hours
I am rarely awake when dawn breaks.

The nights I can’t sleep at all I do see the dawn…
just before I nod off in exhaustion.

However, when I sleep “normal” hours
I awake to see the new day dawn.

Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

15 thoughts on “Perfect dawn…

  1. Yes, a new day, a new beginning. A gift. Sorry you don’t always sleep at night. But whenever you face the day – there is the opportunity to have a new beginning. Dawn is definitely a metaphor for rebirth.

    1. The insomnia is relatively new for me. Not sure why it is happening but I will be glad when we part ways…it is a pain in the butt to not be able to do something so simple as sleep.

  2. Witnessing the dawning of a new day is much like being told “It’s OK, now is your chance to get it right this time!” I am sorry you miss so many perhaps you could say that too as your day draws to a close!

  3. I haven’t watched the sun rise for a long time but it fills me with awe and I feel small.
    Sorry you can’t sleep sometimes but thanks for the reminder of a the wonders of a new day. The picture is stunning. 🙂

    1. The picture was taken by my friend when she was visiting Flagstaff AZ. I like seeing the dawning day…whenever I see it. I have never had insomnia before…I think it is an “old” thing.

  4. I love the beginning of a new day too, Patricia. God’s masterpiece in the sky fills me with such awe and reverence! When I was young I was always an early riser, up long before the others in the house. Now, I am sadly, always tired, and like you, tend to not sleep all that well at night, so I am inclined to opt instead for the snooze button… once or twice, or maybe thrice, and end up missing the magic quiet moments, as I scurry to head off to work. I tell myself that someday when I am old I will rise early, stay up late, and nap every afternoon! 🙂 Thank you for reminding me how much I love the dawn, next time I see it I will smile and think of you! I love the beautiful photo you chose for your post too, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today at Two Shoes Tuesday!

    1. I have never been an early riser. That being said I am fine if I have to get up early. I am not grouchy or unpleasant. But left to my druthers I will sleep til noon. The photo “Sunrise in Flagstaff” was taken by my friend when she was vacationing there.

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