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It’s all about me…

I am filling in the blanks.


  1. I find growing old very interesting and enlightening.
  2. My favorite way to calm down is to daydream.
  3. Why do I always put off going to sleep?
  4. My favorite time of day is anytime I am at home because home is my favorite place to spend time.
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Click on the badge to see what others Fill-In.

This was a week I have much to celebrate.


  • I had lunch with a friend and her mother then friend and I went shopping.  A pleasant and fun afternoon.
  • I had lunch with some friends.  The food was good…the conversation and laughter was even better.
  • I had dinner with a new friend and we worked on a project we are doing for the Homeowner’s Association. I also got to see the progress of his condo renovation.
  • Ran into a friend I haven’t seen in weeks. Wonderful to see her and have a chat.
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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.


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17 thoughts on “It’s all about me…

  1. Your answers for #1 about growing older a definitely more upbeat than mine might have been. I do love being comfortable with my life and with who I am at this stage, but it comes with a lot of issues and concerns too. Ideally, we should all get to choose a new body at 50, then we’d be in great shape to truly enjoy our senior years! 🙂 I do the same about staying up later, and knowing I will regret it in the morning, I think I am just unwilling to give up any possible moments to do the things I enjoy. A resounding AMEN on #4, home really is where my heart is, and where I am totally happy to be all the time with Papa Bear! 🙂

    It sounds like you had a great week of social activity, and that can be a lot of fun too, it re-energizes us to get to talk things over with friends!

    1. I do not mind growing older kinda like it except for some of the physical stuff that pops up and makes life difficult. But over all,I think lifeis a journey and this part of the journey much better than during my youth. I was never really happy until I was in my own home. Not sure why. I am grateful for the blessing of my nest.

  2. self confirmed daydream believer!!! 🙂
    And also victim of the “I don’t wanna go to bed yet” thing too.
    the irony: frustrates the dickens out of me that my children seem to have inherited that too.

    1. Daydreams are heavenly are they not? I have always found it difficult to give it up and gp to sleep even as a small child. I am sure it drove my “early to bed early to rise” parents crazy.

    1. I love daydreaming because everything is just how i want it to be. Don’t understand about the sleep thing…I do like to sleep…just don’t like to give in to it.

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