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July books were good/not so good…


It’s the last Monday of July and here are the books I read this month:


I liked this book.
It was an easy read about an uneasy subject, drug addiction.
A young working woman, married with a child, is overwhelmed
and turns to prescription pain medicine to help her cope.
Jennifer Weiner writes good easy read books that are interesting.


I can’t say I liked this book but I didn’t dislike it.
It was ok.
Last book in a series about  a 92-year-old woman who was born male.
Maybe if I had read the other books this one would have meant more.
I think because the characters are all from previous books
they aren’t well defined here.
At least, to me, it seemed a lot was alluded to that happened in the past
and it was a bit hard to follow.


This is another book that has a main character, Bill, who has been in other books.
But this book stands on its own and I did like it.  I really liked Bill…he seemed real.
Bill was a police officer and is now a private detective.
He is married and has a daughter.
An old girlfriend calls him asking for help.
Her son has been arrested and charged with murder.
I liked all the characters…not so much the son,
but Bill and his old love and the attorney and sheriff.
I will read more by Mr. Pronzini.


I don’t know what to say about this book.
I liked it, I didn’t like it, I didn’t like Dyer, I liked Dyer.
Confused?  Me, too.
It is his memoir. And it is all about him.
From the beginning to about three-quarters through I really didn’t like Dr. Dyer.
But in the end I guess he is ok.  Certainly successful.


I always like Johansen’s books and this one is no different.
That being said her books have a formula to them and though
they are interesting and have excitement and some surprises
you pretty much know who will win and who will lose.
In this book Catherine Ling, a CIA agent is sent to save a woman from a madman.
Her mentor and friend, Hu Chang, and her 11-year-old son, Luke,
end up part of the rescue effort.
There is a Guardian that the madman is trying to get to
through the woman he kidnapped who has been rescued.
The Guardian works for a Committee and has telepathic powers.
I like Johansen’s books so I recommend it.  It is a good read.bookjourney

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10 thoughts on “July books were good/not so good…

  1. I love that you’re a reader. I find whenever I blog on books nobody cares. I agree, your list is very eclectic showing your vivid curiosity the way a cat is interested in all things. Wonder where you get that from? Or does Teddy get it from you. I like when you post what you’ve read 🙂

    1. I never thought of my reading preferences being eclectic but after having it pointed out I guess it is so. I just like to wander around the library look, at best seller lists, check out my favorite authors, and sometimes I choose a book by it’s cover. I am rarely disappointed.

  2. I also am impressed by the eclectic collection you read. I will agree with both you and nrhatch about Wayne Dyer. Years ago I had much respect for him and his work. Then I attended a weekend workshop where he was filling in for someone who had to cancel at the last minute. I was instantly thrilled! By the end of the weekend I had gone from impressed and in awe to “enough of the self platitudes.” His bottom line was definitely about the ca-ching$! That was over 15 years ago and I haven’t picked up anything with his name on it since then.

    1. I read his first book many years ago…I don’t remember anything about it but that at the time I liked it. I doubt I would like it today…I am a different person now. He has given lots of money to charity and helped struggling authors but it bothers me that he tells about it. Not sure why…but to me he sounded like he was patting himself on the back.

  3. I love the variety you exhibit in your choice of books, Patricia. I know what you mean about Dr. Dyer ~ some of what he says rings true. The rest just sells books.

    1. And a lot of books he has sold! To his credit…he has given a lot of the profits to charity. Somehow it bothered me that he wrote about his generosity…I don’t think he is a humble man.

      1. Sometimes people talk about the “good” they’ve done to inspire others to do good.

        Other people seem to be trying to prove that they are good people by telling others about their good works ~ it’s like they want applause and accolades for past performances.

        Dyer strikes me as being in the 2nd camp.

  4. I like Jennifer Weiner. She’s good for an interesting and easy read, but I haven’t read this one yet. I haven’t read the rest either. On my nightstand, however, I have Sanctuary Line by Jane Urquhart. I don’t find this an easy read but I am hooked and half-way through I still don’t know what happened to the character who died.I’m almost ready to trade this one in for something else.

    1. I went to Goodreads to read some reviews. They are all over the place…from 2 stars to 5. Seems the book is really liked or really not liked. Sorta want to read it to see where I would be in the ranks. She has written a lot of books and won bunches of awards.

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