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Journey to a new world…

The prompt for Five Sentence Fiction this week is:

earth-11015_640It has been a long  journey and at last our destination is in sight and a magnificent sight indeed! I was somewhat doubtful that our maps were reliable but the surveyors who were commissioned for this assignment were excellent.” “That’s true, sir,  they were committed to the mission and without their skill and determination we would not be where we are today.”  “Aye, Lieutenant, they had an audacious vision, sense of adventure, and courage to face the unknown; and now we will explore this new world.  I am told the inhabitants of this place call it Earth.”

Image: pixabay

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10 thoughts on “Journey to a new world…

  1. Your writing is so diverse. I never know what to expect…and that’s a compliment. Love the pictures of Teddy. He’s turning into the Gary Cooper of kitty cats…and your poem was sweet. Teddy has no reason to be embarrassed at his Mama’s prose. You tell him I said so.

    1. If my mother was around she would roll her eyes and say “if you only knew the half of it”.. My mind has always been whirling in its own orbit. I love it when I can put a surprise in what I write. Glad you like it. I will tell Teddy what you said but he won’t be convinced.

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