10 thoughts on “Drifting clouds…

  1. What a lovely topic to write about & so beautifully expressed, Patricia! Clouds are totally relevant to the topic- DRIFT! 🙂

  2. You definitely have hidden haiku talents! This was so beautiful and serene, recalling all kinds of memories of clouds drifting by, along with the many chapters of my life. I am a cloud watcher, I love them. I can spend hours gazing up at big fluffy summer clouds, or the dark, heavy clouds of an approaching storm. A lovely haiku, keep them coming!

    1. When I moved to my condo, my corner in the sky nine floors up, I began to appreciate the sky in a more spiritual way. Not sure how to express it…but I have found solace and peace and some deeper understanding of life, and self, looking into the heavens.

      Not sure about the talent…but I am enjoying learning to say more with fewer words. Hard for a chatterbox.

  3. Farewell to summer, but farewell to our loved ones who have left us. When I look at the sky, particularly the sun’s long rays shining through, I think of people who have passed – a glimpse into heaven.

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