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Something new, no…

A while back I posted about
Something new,maybe

Well, I have an update.

There will not be something new.


What the new thing might have been was a kitten.

A friend of mine called and said a co-worker of  his friend
bought a cat from a breeder but found she is allergic to cats.
So, she was looking for a home for the kitten.

I asked my friend to ask a couple of things about the kitten;
sex, age, shots, status of general health, general description, how much…

He called back and said the first thing he heard was that she wanted $500.00.
So, he didn’t ask the other questions because he was sure I didn’t want a $500 cat.

He was right and there is not going to be a brother or sister for Teddy.
At least not a $500 one.
I know cats are priceless but…
if  Teddy gets a sibling it will be from a shelter.

Some questions came to mind;
Had this woman never been around a cat before?
If she had been she would have known she was allergic.
If she had never been around a cat what made think she wanted one?
Might have been a good idea to visit a friend who has a cat.
Did she just decide she didn’t want the cat?
Why didn’t she call the breeder?
Most reputable breeders will take a cat back if there is a problem.
Maybe they wouldn’t give the amount paid back but likely most of it.

Two more questions,
Did she really get the cat from a breeder?
How much did she pay?
My suspicious mind wonders if she just wants $500.

Anyway, nothing new, here.

I do feel bad for the kitten.
I hope it got a good forever home.

11 thoughts on “Something new, no…

  1. I think of all the kitties that could be neutered and spayed for $500. People who profit from the sale of pets deserve a special place in the after-life, and I’m not thinking of clouds and angel wings. I am glad you opted not to go that route, and I hope the little kitten ends up with a caring forever home of it’s own. I’m sure Teddy wants me to remind you that he’d still like to have a new little brother or sister. (Or maybe not, depending on how much he loves having his Mommy all to himself!) 🙂

    1. The hard thing for me to understand is why would you spend that much money on a cat if you didn’t know whether or not you would like being a cat mama? I am assuming she paid $500 for the kitten. Teddy is the strangest cat I have ever had and I have no idea how he would respond to another furry kid here. maybe it would make him more “normal”.

  2. That might have been a nice friend for Teddy, but you’re right. So many questions. What kind of cat is it that it’s worth that money and if it’s a pedigree, wouldn’t she have papers?
    I agree, on the other hand, that’s a lot of money for a kitty when so many NEED a home far worse. ❤

    1. I don’t know what breed the cat is but I do think the breeder would want to know that she was selling it. They may want it back so it doesn’t get sold to someone who might be looking for a pure bred to breed and make money with it without really caring about the cat. Just seems sketchy to me.

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