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Conflict story I wrote and books I read…

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt is:

document-428330_640It is Monday morning and they are in the office of the wealthy self-made business tycoon who she has been working for as his personal assistant the last two years  . “Good morning, Adelaide, have you read the contract I gave you on Friday, and given careful thought and consideration to what I propose?”  “Yes, Mr Userman, I have done so and I must decline the offer, as generous as it is, but this contract would be in conflict of interest with a contract I entered into with someone else a few years ago.”

 “Oh, and who would that be, my dear?”   “That would be, Henry, my husband.”

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Now, here are the books I read in August.


You must read this book!
I mean it!  It has such a surprise in it!
It’s about a young policewoman who has been dealing,  for ten years,
with her policeman father’s murder and her broken engagement.
To get her back into the dating has been ten years
her best friend signs her up on an internet dating site.
She finds her long-lost fiancé and it gets crazy.
Truly, you must read this book.

tell This is also a good book.
I liked it more than a little but not as much as Missing You.
A little girl is killed and her brother testifies that it was their mother who pulled the trigger.
She is sentenced to prison on his testimony.
BTW he is a pre-schooler and needs glasses.
Now all grown up the little brother recants his story and the mother is to be let out prison.
A girl friend of the murdered girl is now a journalist
and has written a best seller true crime story based on a true story…not her friends story.
She is assigned by her newspaper editor to report the story and she plans a book about it.
There is a surprise in this one, too.
I liked the way the author threw me off with formatting of the book….
and the snake handler church.


This has some very nice people in it that you can’t help but like and root for.
And it has some really bad people that are  just evil.
There is a happy house sitter with commitment phobia
and a rich artist who is ready to settle down
Those are a couple of the good folks and it isn’t a spoiler to say they fall in love.
Rich artist’s brother is murdered because he has a “lost” Fabrege egg worth millions.
Sad, but he was way greedy.
Now the one who wants the egg, at any cost, is having his killer employee
do what she does, kill people, to get the egg.
These are the evils ones. They are not only evil but they are weird.
And it is not a spoiler to tell you all ends well because this kind of book
always has a happy ending.


I didn’t like this book.  I didn’t hate it but I didn’t like it.
It’s the author’s story of growing up in a fundamentalist evangelism cult.
It is an ugly story.
I was sympathetic of some of the people but for the most part…what were they thinking?!
I don’t know what to say about it.  It filled some time and it wasn’t horrible but…

These last two books I may have told you about.  If I have go read something else.


This was published after Maeve Binchy’s death.
These are short stories about the people who live, or lived, on Chestnut Street.
Binchy used Chestnut Street in a lot of her books so this is like short visits with neighbors.
I have liked all  Maeve Binchy’s books and this one was icing on the cake.


Another book by an author I always read.
Dorothea  Benton Frank never disappoints.
Her books are chick lit, I guess.
They are well written, with plausible story lines about people you could know.
Like other books by Frank this one could be “based on a true story”.
There is lots to ponder and lots of humor in this story of three generations of women
and the death of a woman that affects them all differently.
Worth reading.

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11 thoughts on “Conflict story I wrote and books I read…

  1. I loved your story! Really good! :). And your reviews! You brought back good memories to me of reading my first Maeve Binchy book. I was transported!

  2. Thank you for these handy book reviews, Patricia. I haven’t read any of these but I have read a few Maeve Binchy, Mindind Frankie (the last one for me).
    I just finished Five Star Billionaire by Tash Aw (long-listed for the Man Booker Prize 2013). I was excited to find this book because it was about China, specifically Shanghai and five migrants who came to the city to better their lives. Many places we’d visited when I was there on holiday in the spring and I rooted for all of the characters. However by the end, I was disappointed. I cannot say why because that would be a spoiler. Yeah, I kind of consider this a waste of my time. 😦

    1. So aggravating when you have high hopes for a book. Espesially when the reviews are wonderful. Makes me wonder what what I missed that others got.

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