Friday Four Fill-in Fun

The blanks are filled in…

Click on the badge to see how others Fill-In the blanks.
Click on the badge to see how others Fill-In the blanks.

Hilary at Feeling Beachie
Elizabeth at Silver’s Reviews
have come up with this weeks blanks to fill-in.

I am an introvert and need time alone to stay sane.

I don’t like to eat in restaurants alone.

 Would you get a face lift if you could?

Cooking with no thoughts of weight gain is something to be remembered of days gone by.


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13 thoughts on “The blanks are filled in…

  1. I used to eat in restaurants alone on my lunch hour. I got used to it. It wouldn’t bother me now, but now I’m never alone. I really like that better.

    About the face-lift? If I could twitch my nose and my face would lift, yes. If it would mean to endure surgery and pain, NO WAY!!!

    1. I guess I could get used to eating out alone if I did it more often but I avoid it. I wouldn’t mind a nose twitch face lift but I have no interest in a cutting edge one.

  2. I so understand #1! I’m INFJ… I can be social but need alone time after being with groups of people. 🙂 Great answers!

      1. I usually do not connect well or long with those who cannot respect my space. I respect those who also need it. We cannot truly give without recharging in between. Those who don’t let us recharge can be draining, too.

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