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Drifting to the horizon…

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt is

The prompt I chose for this week’s Two Shoes Tuesday is

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If only everyone would just let her go  She was so ready to be on her way.  But they kept holding on, wanting her to stay here with them. Goodness, all the tears would fill an ocean. An ocean she will drift away on, past the horizon, all the way home.

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11 thoughts on “Drifting to the horizon…

  1. Patricia, This is so very meaningful in five short sentences. From a very different perspective than I have been exploring recently. I remember the pastor at my mother’s funeral service said, “Let her go. Remember her, but let her go.” She was ready, we were not – an ocean full of tears. I have noticed when people are ready to go, they like to choose their time, often when they are alone. Well, these five sentences certainly exuded a few from me.

    1. I doubt that the ones left are ever ready to let go. But let go we must. We only make the pain worse when we hold on too tightly. But I do think the oceans of tears are needed for our healing. I am sorry that you had to let your mother go…the memories will keep her close in your heart.

    1. Thank you. I quite enjoy the Five Sentence Fiction blog hop. I like the challenge of writing it and then enjoy reading other bloggers posts.

  2. This was beautifully written, Patricia, you have a gift for saying things so simply in words that fall gentle on the heart. We have all known people in this predicament, their time has come, and yet family are unable to accept that and cling, tightly begging them to stay, and, making their inevitable departure so much harder. If only we could realize that we all have an appointed time for leaving, and it’s only a crossing of the sea, not a being apart forever. I have made it clear to my children, when my time comes, wish me well and let me go in peace. Thank you for sharing this with us for our special edition of Two Shoes Tuesday, I loved it!

    1. You made me happy, Josie. You are wonderful to be so encouraging. I have been having fun with the stories and sometimes incorporating your prompts into them. I agree that when our time to leave this world comes we will go. I have learned grieving will give way to sweet sorrow if we let our loved ones go without clinging to what was but is no more.

      Congratulations on your 100th edition of Two Shoes Tuesday. It is a fun hop.

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