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Thursday’s Special, almost dark…


Tonight’s sunset was another beautiful one.
I like the way you can see the yellow of the sun in the west
and how it becomes peachy toward the north,
then the blue changing to the dark of night.

Wish you were here to see it.
There is no way I can take a picture that would capture
the true beauty of the sunset sky.

I am posting this as part of  Lost in Translation’s
Thursday’s Special.

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10 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special, almost dark…

  1. I don’t know .. these colours seem pretty accurate to me. Thank you so much Patricia for showing this glorious beginning of the night.

    1. I use my phone to take pictures so I guess they are ok…but not as wonderful as the real thing. I am enjoying your non-challenge!

  2. I always wonder when I see something marvelous I want so much to share it. I want so much for the world to know about it, or, at least one person. Why do we feel that way? Is it because we were meant not to be alone, but to share? ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. I think we are meant to share. We are not meant to keep our hearts to ourselves. That being said…I am something of a loner. Go figure.

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