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Thursday’s Special and Teddy…

Thursday’s Special this week is


This picture of Teddy gives me the warm fuzzies.


November 13th is


Take a tip from Teddy and share a little warmth.

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14 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special and Teddy…

  1. I don’t think there is anything nicer than a love nudge from a furkid. Toby is a leg warmer and all my work dress pants end up with a foot of “fur cuff” at the bottom that has to be removed with sticky tape, but he is so happy to see me return home that it is worth it. Gracie is a head bumper and nudges our feet and hands to mark us as her property and share the love. Our entire house is soft and furry, but it warms my heart! Teddy is a sweetheart, and it’s clear that he loves his mama so much… except for that other cat she let invade his house! :-))

    1. Teddy has the best fur…short and shed very little. Jack, on the other hand, has medium long fur that floats and clings to whatever it lands on. Tedd is still not happy about Jack but he isn’t ignoring me anymore.

  2. Hello. I stopped by because you’re on the bloghop, “Celebrate the small things.” This is really nice and I think celebrating your cat and warmth would have fit right in today as well as Thursday’s, World Kindness Day. Have a great weekend!!

  3. Thank you Patricia. It is not just skin deep, isn’t it 🙂 I did not know that today is celebrated as the World Kindness Day- sounds absurd, right? Kindness is the only salvation for us as a human race.

  4. I especially love your picture of Teddy today. I lost my Misty (the Teddy look-alike) a month ago. She had a good life to the age of 18 years, 4 months. I am grateful for every day and every head butt! I miss her deeply, but there were 3 of the dogs to whom she was den mother wagging their tails and waiting for her arrival. If you don’t mind, Teddy will be my “virtual kitty.”

    1. Teddy sends his purrs. I lost two cats in a year and a half. When Dolly, my 19 year old diva, died I thought I would wait a while to get another. But 2 weeks later I was at the shelter and took Teddy home with me.

  5. It is still November 12th here at 10:05 p.m. I’m about to call it a day (go to bed) but couldn’t help the mention
    World Kindness Day. Never hear of it. Why can’t we multiply that by 365 days every year? 💡

    1. I wrote the post on the 12th and went ahead and posted it early. Usually I am a last minute poster. It is too bad that we have to have a special day set aside remember to be kind.

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