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I shopped at the Amazon store…

Today is Two Shoes Tuesday
and the prompt is
sacred and/or store.

I have shopped at the Amazon store


Josie had a drawing to celebrate her
Two  Shoes Tuesday 100th post.

And I won!
$100.00 Amazon Gift Card.
So cyber shopping I went.

I have two new things:

A Charging Station for my tablet and phone.


It is great because it eliminates the need for extension cords
to accommodate all the wires needed to charge stuff.
As you can see it has places for three plugs
and what you can’t see is the place for three for USB cords.


My tablet is my alarm clock.
While I sleep it charges, 🙂
and wakes me up in the morning. 😦

Then I got a super-duper Blu-Ray DVD player.
It plays all kinds of discs and has wi-fi.

With the wi-fi I can stream Netflix, Hulu, Pandora,
and other stuff I don’t know about yet.
I can also download stuff from my computer to a jump drive thingie
and  then plug the thingie into the DVD player and
I can see it on my computer.

As you can see the player is not hooked up.

The charger was simple…plug it in and done.

The DVD player has 17 pages of set up instructions.
I think I will need some time and patience when I tackle this project.
Maybe a bottle of wine.
Of course, the reviews on Amazon say it is easy to do.
But then the folks who posted those reviews
are the ones that survived the process to write about it.

I will let you know how it goes.

Thank you, Josie!

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

14 thoughts on “I shopped at the Amazon store…

  1. Congratulations for the win! New toys are fun, but it takes me a long time to get past the learning curve. I have a steam mop I bought months ago that I barely looked at the instructions. I yawned, and that was that. Must try again. 😀

  2. I just loved this post, Patricia! How fun it was to find out how you used your gift card, and I’m delighted that you chose some very cool gifts for yourself (aren’t those always the best kind – the ones we get to select)! I got one of those handy-dandy all purpose chargers last year (also from Amazon, of course) and we love it. Now, would you believe, I got Papa Bear a set of dual recliners for an early Christmas present that have a console in the middle and inside it is two USB chargers… how cool is that?! Especially since I tend to run low on phone “juice” by the end of day. (I wonder why that is, Papa Bear never has that problem! LOL)

    The DVD Blue-Ray player is equally cool! Wow, they can do so many clever things now, and I don’t even know the half of it! You had me laughing at the end, and I had to share your post with Papa Bear. This is so true of me as well, all those instructions just overwhelm me and I get frustrated so quickly. I do think a nice glass of wine might be helpful! Or, borrow a high-school kid and they will have it all working correctly for you in about 30 minutes!

    Enjoy your new purchases, Toby did a great job in his selection! I will have to do another contest in the coming year, it was fun!

    1. I t was so fun to shop! I waited until the holiday sale so I could get exactly what I wanted. It was hard to wait but I hung in there.

      How nice to have dual recliners. And with ports. I think there will be more and more furniture with tech stuff built in. At the store I work we have nightstands that have cord cutouts and I am sure the next will be USB ports and chargers.

      I plan to do the DVD deed this week end. Maybe I should video it. I am going to warn the neighbors.

      Thank you for your generous gift!

  3. So funny. I know what you mean about directions. I could not get program my tv remote once. I had to get my then 18-year-old daughter to do it. Took her 30 seconds. I followed the instructions and tried for more than three hours. I wanted to win too, but $100 doesn’t go as far as it used to. Glad you were able to get two really nice things. 😉

    1. I think if it takes more than a couple of hours to program the thing I will definitely get help. I can only take so much frustration then I am not a nice person…can’t have that.

    1. It was exciting to win. Very generous of Josie to have such a big gift! I hope I can get the DVD hooked up this week-end. I am trying to have a positive attitude about it.

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